Working just to keep the Dogs in Bones

December 19, 2007 at 2:02 pm (Dog Grooming and Apparal)

Well, not exactly bones – brushes.

Spice is shedding. Badly. I brushed her until no more fur was coming out and the next day she was shedding tufts of fur, again! Where was it coming from? And I’m not talking about just a small bit here and there, I’m talking about rodent sized fur-droppings all over the house. I need to vacuum every day, and while I love my new vacuum cleaner, seriously, every night??

So I cracked and went to Pet Pros and got a rake for $12. I smartly asked the sales girl whether this would work for my situation and she promptly and unequivocally said “no”. She has Siberians and the other girls has Aussies and they absolutely swear by something called the Fur-minator. I like the sound of that except that it costs $53!! That’s right, $53 for a dog brush. But both gals said I would regret the rake since they’ve tried both and the Fur-minator is the only thing that even comes close to curbing this issue.

 The Furminator

Apparently, Aussies “blow out” twice a year, meaning they lose all their undercoat and it’s way worse than shedding. So I put my eyeballs back into their socket and decided if I’m going to go down buying a $53 dog brush, might as well go down in flames. I moved to the dog coat aisle and bought Lola a new fleece coat with reflective striping. I don’t care either way for the reflective striping, but it should make it easier for Spice to attack her in the dark.

I’m debating whether Lola needs a new coat. Sure, her current fleece one won’t stay on unless I put it underneath the sausage sweater, but Tom’s going to be working from home so she won’t have to spend as much time outdoors. I say as much because some dogs, like Spice, need to get outside and run off some energy. Lola needs to get outside and burn some energy barking. Loudly and preferably in our neighbors direction. Additionally, Tom finally realized that Lola is very, very good about letting someone put her sausage sweater on and she even helps you poke her little legs through the armholes. But, if this sweater fits, it was a good price and it’s infinitely easier to put on, important factors if I want Tom to put something on her every time she goes outside. As a bonus, if he lets her back inside and doesn’t take the sweater off, she won’t overheat like she does when I double coat her.

We go from the dog that’s shedding out her thick undercoat to the poodle that needs artificial fur. Good thing we have disposable income.


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