A Doggy Christmas

December 26, 2007 at 10:57 am (Dog Update)

I’m sure you’re all waiting, with bated breath, to know how the pups enjoyed their Christmas. Let me just start by saying they truly, really, most assuredly appreciated the beautiful Christmas cookies Granddad sent. Here is a picture of Lola with hers.

Lola with Santa Cookie

And here are pictures of Spice with her new bones.

Spice with Basted Bone
Sorry about the red-eye. Will be able to fix that in the future.
Spice with HoHoHo bone

On Christmas Day, we needed to make a trip to mom’s house, so we brought the dogs along. We figured they could get their bark on before they went to Grandma Judy’s house.


So many good things to smell….


Here they are getting ready to do a little running. The snow was just starting and it was pretty wet. Tom’s wearing his new Christmas present, his Superman shirt.


Grandpa? Grandma? Where are you? We’re ready to come in. Kinda wet out here…..

In all, it was a most excellent Christmas for the pups. Check back for the post on the Great Pookie Destruction of 2007!


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