Pookie Carnage

December 27, 2007 at 10:33 am (Playtime)

Is this the face of ultimate plush terror?


No?  How about this face?


How could such a sweet little dog do all this damage in about twenty minutes?  Disregard Spice, she was reveling in spoils she took no part in creating.  She’s the vulture of Pookie guts.


Yes, it’s true, Lola is a vicious, vicious killer.  Note the way that Spice plays with the toy, batting it around gently, without puncturing skin, and squeaks it…




Lola on the other hand, begins playing nicely but it’s all a ruse.  First, she tests the strength of the Pookies’ joints.  Note the vicious claws extended for imminent use….


Ahha!  She has found the Pookie’s weakness, it’s Achilles Arm, if you will.  A test tug follows….


A slight repositioning for a better, more secure grip…..


And she goes for the kill-shot….


Meanwhile, it looks as though Spice has given up the fight…


But in actuality, she’s waiting until she can pillage the village and keep all the spoils of war to herself!


But at the end of the day, I think Spice and Lola are each other’s favorite Pookies…


Yes, Spice is dragging Lola off the couch by her ear.

Merry Christmas!  12 more unscathed Pookies to go!


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