Not off to a good start

December 28, 2007 at 4:13 pm (Pre-Move Updates)

For the love of God….they sent our luggage to Maui.  Yep, the irony is not lost of me. 

We got the airport really early, before 1 p.m. on Thursday, and our flight didn’t leave until 4:25.  I didn’t mind because I thought the extra time might be useful for Tom.  We checked our shared piece of luggage, went to S-Gate, found the sandwich shop had become a Seattle’s Best Coffee, and returned to the main terminal for lunch at Dish D’lish.  In case you ever get to eat there, we both had a club sandwich on foccia bread and it was excellent.  They have “courtyard” seating so we were able to get some serious people watching on.

We sat in the plane on the tar-mack for over an hour because they had to de-ice the plane and well, SeaTac just doesn’t get a lot of practice with that kind of equipment.  Otherwise, the flight to MSP went well, Tom got us exit row seats so we could stretch out, and his anxiety was managable.

Unfortunately, it all unraveled when we got to MSP.  All the folks in front of us in the lost luggage line seemed to just have their luggage on the next flight, arriving in another hour, so I was encouraged that we might be in the same boat.  When the guy told us Maui, I couldn’t believe it.  That was the point that Tom had a mini-meltdown. 

We made a stupid mistake – we packed his medicine.  He was adamant that NWA get the luggage to us, tonight.  Yeah, right.  I mean, I want the bag as badly as he does, but you just can’t do anything about it when it’s in Maui.  The guy took it fairly well; I’m sure he’s been abused before.  The thing that I just couldn’t seem to make Tom understand at that moment was that of all the things in the suitcase, the drugs were the easiest thing to replace becuase, thank God, there are 24-hour Walgreen’s in MN. 

The plane had just landed in Maui and the customer rep immediately called to put the luggage on the next flight out in 30 minutes.  It would go through Seattle and hopefully land in MSP at 12:30 p.m. Friday.  We got our rental car and were off to find the drug store, armed with the measly $50/person NWA allots for expenses.

Well, because Tom was in a less than stellar mood and didn’t feel like waiting in line at Hertz for instructions to the hotel, he chose instead to use the Kiosk with the pre-programed routes to local hotels.  In case you don’t see where this is going….we ended up at the Springhill Suites in Eden Prarrie, not Eagan.  After driving around EP where Tom kept muttering “it’s sort of looks familiar”, and eating a truly disgusting Stuft’d Burrito from Taco Bell (gross), we found the pharmacy and got the meds, which Tom immediately took.

Eagan, the city located 15 miles east of the airport, not 10 miles west of it, seems nice enough.  We were operating on less than 6 hours of sleep today so hopefully I’ll have more to report tomorrow.  We got to the continental breakfast 15 minutes before it closed and then hit Kohl’s for a decent shirt for Tom.  I wisely agreed he could not go into the office in his Superman Tee.  I put on my new Drugstore makeup.  I was a little tan but not overly orange, and considering I forgot blush and had to use lipstick instead, it was an admirable job.

Thomson was really impressive in size and scope.  We met with HR, got hooked up with a Realtor and made a list of what we’re going to look at tomorrow.  Met his coworkers and that was neat.  I was talking to one, Brian, who has a Masters in Physics and raises at small herd of Scottish Highland cattle, and he informed me that their Cisco Rep, Diedra, is a serious Dressage rider.  Score!  Of course, this isn’t something that came up in the dozens of times that Tom has talked to her, but I plan on picking her brain and seeing her horse to get started out here.

We came back to the hotel around 3 for a nap so Tom could be fresh for the roll-out he’s doing tonight and so I could remain upright and human.  We stopped at Barnes & Noble for a new book since the flight from Seattle to MSP is delayedand now our luggage isn’t supposed to land until 5:30 p.m.  Please, everyone pray that I get my stuff tonight.  I’m so sick of these clothes and would really like my fleece.

As for the snow report….yep, there is snow.  Lots of it.  Deep on the sides of the road and such, but it’s 23 degrees and I’m surviving.  I have my puffy yellow coat and while it’s rather puffy, I’m not hot.  It’s just really weird to see snow as far as the eye can see.  The roads are absolutely clear so that’s good. 

The first thing I’m going to do when I get my suitcase is put take off this crappy makeup and put on my lovely moisturizer. 


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