Day One of House Hunting

December 29, 2007 at 7:57 pm (Pre-Move Updates)

Crap, crap, crap…..I’ve spent about 30 minutes typing up the results from today and then I must have hit something weird because now it’s all gone.  And I’m tired, so doing this again does not sound like fun….but I do it all for you.  That and Tom’s watching the Patriot’s game, so not like I could go to sleep if I wanted.

Ok, so here’s the update, minus all the semi-witty comments that I lost.

Got our luggage back.  Had to drive back the airport because the dummies who work for NWA probably wouldn’t have put it on the truck for deliver until the next morning.  Am very happy to have my stuff back and really glad Tom has a clean tee-shirt and undies. 

This is our favorite house.  We call it the Centex Home because it was a model home for Centex and a year ago was $390K.  It’s been tricked out with every upgrade possible and is now for sale for $320.  I couldn’t find a decent picture of the front, so I used an interior shot.  There are lots of great pics of the interior in the link.

Dining Area/Kitchen 

  • 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths with 2152 finished square feet with additional 1000 sf in unfinished walk-out basement.
  • Gourmet kitchen featuring center island, Cambria countertops, whirlpool stanless steel gold series appliances, wine rack, pantry buffet and maple flooring.
  • Cozy corner fireplace, complete surround sound with Icebox music system (think massive control system)
  • Master bath includes garden bath, separate stand-up shower and huge walk-in closet
  • Cedar deck, needs stairs to backyard

The house is beautiful and absolutely ready to move in.  Yes, the basement needs finishing and the deck needs stairs.  It’s in a Centex development, but it backs up against the HUGE neighborhood park, but at the far end of the park, not near the swing-sets and noisy children.  Also, we’d only have a neighbor on one side as the other side borders the road that leads to parking for the park and on the other side of that road is more park-fields.  So while the backyard is admittedly small, we’d have plenty of green area and a great, expansive view of the countryside.  No chance of someone peaking in the windows in this home. 

The Red-Shutter Home is our second favorite home and could easily be our very favorite.  It’s for sale for $317,500.  Please check out the virtual tour because the pictures along can’t capture the beauty. 

  • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms on nearly ½ acre and 2200 finished square feet with another 1150 square feet in unfinished basement.
  • There is a fourth basement roughed-out, with toilet installed, in the basement.
  • Meticulously maintained and very elegant.

The only slight issue with this house is that it backs up to a busy county road.  While that means that the road to our house will always be plowed in a timely manner, and since we are the first house in the neighborhood and likely to be plowed first, it does have its drawbacks.  If we could erect a privacy fence, that would be awesome, but we don’t know if we can do that yet.  A smaller fence would be acceptable, judging from the neighbors, but a 8 foot fence?  The house sits atop a slight hill, so again, we have a very nice view of the countryside.  The neighborhood is beautiful.  This might be the “worst” house in the division, and that’s likely because the basement isn’t finished.  It is really appealing in its classic charm and sophistication.

Our third favorite home is this one, we call it the California Casual Home.  It’s priced at $319,900 and for two grand less, we like the red-shutter one. 

19395 Embers Ave

  • 4 bedroom, 4 bath with 2524 finished square feet on a lot 140×80
  • Lots of natural light, especially in the walk-out bottom level
  • Nine foot ceilings and wired for surround.

The drawback to this house is that it backs against a pond and we’d have to install a fence for both the dogs and future little ones.  When you walk in, you are on the main level which consists of the informal den, which is slightly sunken, and the kitchen area.  If you go upstairs, you get three bedrooms, including the master.  From the main floor, head downstairs for the bonus room and another bedroom.  We liked this one because of all the split and bi-level homes out here, which are plentiful, this one felt the most like a rambler.  The split-level is odd to us, so this made us feel more comfortable. 

Tomorrow we’re going to look at about another dozen homes.  We have a much better idea of what we want and what we can get for the money.  We really like our agent, Sandy, and I’ll tell you more about her later.  We’d be happy in any of the three homes listed above and if we had to decide this weekend, it would be tough.  The Red-Shutter home is definitely the most stately and the best neighborhood.  The Centex home probably has the best overall upgrades, but by far the smallest yard, but the best view.  And the California Casual home just feels very much like us.


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