House Hunting, Day Two

December 30, 2007 at 6:06 pm (Pre-Move Updates)

Really, not much to report today.  After thinking more about the Centex Home and the Red-Shutter Home, I’ve reversed my decision.  If I had to choose today, I would go with the Red-Shutter Home because the neighborhood is just much, much more upscale.  I would plant some evergreen trees along the back fence-line and hopefully put up a privacy fence.

The only thing I was contemplating is where to put the kiddie stuff.  The main floor of the Red-Shutter home consists of, as you walk-through from the garage, the laundry room, kitchen w/ informal eating area, informal den, then the front of the house has the formal living room and formal dining room, and stairs to the bedrooms.  Having a formal dining/living room doesn’t really rank high on our priority list because it’s not really something that we would use unless we have company – and seeing how we will be having company (all of you guys), then it becomes slightly more important.  I just was trying to envision where I would encourage all the kiddie stuff to happen.  In many ways, the long informal den in the Michigan house was nice because we could have a play area without taking up too much space, and we were still on the main floor.  Obviously, if we finished the basement, there would be plenty of space for the kiddies to play down there.  I know, I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s something I’m aware of, especially after I realized that in our current house, I don’t think there is room to put up a playpen!

In many ways, the Centex Home presents a similar problem.  I could put the kiddie stuff in either of the informal dens of the Centex or Red-Shutter Homes, or put them in the basement once it’s finished.  But in the Centex home, the formal living room is much smaller, it’s more like a parlor with room for two large chairs. 

Anyway…..I’m just getting wrapped up in details and both houses will likely be gone before we’re ready to purchase.  We went out this morning for about 2 hours to look at a few more.  Those were in the low 300’s and while all were doable, I couldn’t help but feel for just a little extra we could have a stellar house.

This is our agent, Sandy Joyce. 

We really like her.  After going out with her yesterday, Tom made a couple of observations about her that exemplifies why he likes her to much.  First, she thinks as fast as he does and doesn’t have a problem keeping up with the rapid 180’s that his mind makes.  Never once during the day did she stumble when he made an abrupt topic change.  And, this was most interesting and I swear, Tom brought it up.  She’s a fast talker, so fast that Tom can’t cut her off or interrupt her!!  I thought that was so funny, Tom finally met his match. 

Either way, she’s really smart and has 17 years of experience.  And she’s honest enough to answer our pointed questions.  She gave us some good ideas in thinking about the pricing/marketing of our Auburn house.  In fact, Tom came back and putzed on the computer until late in the evening, coming up with a list of to-dos.  He woke me up this morning with his staging ideas.  I agreed with most of them but put my foot down when he wanted me to box up my seal hutch.  I really, really don’t want to do that.  First, it’s a lot of work and I’d have to get packing paper (because I worry that news ink will wear off) and more boxes, etc.  The seals are contained and the hutch measures 10″ deep by 14″ wide.  I just don’t think it will make or break the space.  And!  If he’s not willing to take down the LARGE speakers that create a massive black expanse as soon as you walk through the door, then I don’t think I have to bend on this one.

I know he wants me to clean up more of the kitchen, like getting ride of the Tupperware and the stuff under the sink.  I wished he actually realized that, contrary to what he thinks he sees, I actually do use all that Tupperware and all my cookbooks on a regular basis and I’m not going to be without them for possibly six months.  I would be willing to relocate them to a closet or something, but it’s not like you can live with only 4 pieces of Tupperware – you have to have a nice selection of sizes so you can efficiently pack food up.  And hello, the cookbooks?  Does he think I do all the cooking from the top of my head??  But other than that, I think we’ll be fine.  We’re going to fold up the big dog kennel and they’ll get to sleep on their beds in the room with the door shut.  We’ll rent a twin bed for that room (or purchase a cheapie from St. Vincents) that way it doesn’t look like we have two bedrooms and two quasi-furnished offices.  That’s probably a smart idea.

We walked into a house that used those plug-in air fresheners and he loved them.  It had the same effect as all the fresheners in mom’s house.  My only problem is that I purchased ONE freshener, the same scent mom used, and set it to the lowest setting and within hours my nose was itching and Tom wanted me to unplug it since he was sitting next to it.  I think he may have forgotten that small issue.  I don’t think our house disperses the scent the same way mom’s house does.  For us, it just lingers and stinks up the place.  We’ll figure something out though.

It was 17 degrees today.  Pretty cold but not that bad.  Just a heck of a lot of snow.  We were both tired so we came back to the hotel for a nap and I think I’m suffering from Cabin Fever.  Was wondering what the equine scene looked like, so I checked out a couple of barns online.  There is some fancy-schmancy German Trainer who does dressage, but he’s for those people who purchase a German warmblood and use him to train for shows.  I did a search for all horses for sale within 50 miles and dear God!  There are so many expensive horses out here.  Like $15K and above.  I pulled about 30 horses and the most expensive was a show-pony at $85K, yeah, that’s right, and then the majority were $45-10K, and only about 6 under $10K.  Umm…ok…this could be kind of difficult.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to meet Dedra, the Cisco Rep at Thomson who is the dressage rider. 

We went to Boston Market for lunch today.  We both had the Chicken Pot Pie.  It was excellent.  I think for dinner we might try a Pizza/Pasta place.  So far, the food has been consistently good, although we’ve only been to chain restaurants.  Wendy’s doesn’t do breakfast out here yet, but they have BAGEL SHOPS.  Sure, it was a Big Apple Bagel and there is one in Bellevue, but they are plentiful out here.  Have seen no Coffee Huts, and a few Starbucks, but they have two other chains out here, Caribou Coffee and Dunn Brothers.  Both are supposed to be good.  They don’t have any grocery store we’re familiar with, they have Rainbow Foods and Cub Foods.  Cub is one of those bag-it-yourself places so it’s cheaper.  They have quite a few liquor stores, but I guess with all this snow, you need something to dull the pain.  Gas is 15-20 cheaper and you can purchase unlimited monthly passes to the car-wash places for like $25 so you can keep your car salt-free and your garage nice.  Oh, I didn’t mention this – Tom loves the Red-Shutter garage because the floor is finished and all the walls, all the way to the ceiling, are pegboard.

I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures.  At all the houses I was too busy taking the notes to snap pictures and then the ones that we liked have much better pictures online.  It’s difficult to take pictures of the area or even to describe it, but the road engineers have done a great job with the planning.  Just about every major county or state road is 4 lanes with turn lanes.  Very efficient. 

Tomorrow we stop by the Thomson office in the morning and head back to Seattle on a 3 p.m. flight.  I hope our luggage ends up in Seattle and not New York.


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    Carribo Coffe is good, not very strong like Starbucks but they don’t have very good muffins

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