Random Updates about Tom and the Dogs

January 4, 2008 at 10:37 am (Dog Update)

Wednesday Tom wasn’t feeling well.  He was having some serious tummy pains, and no, I did not attempt to poison him.  I ate the same stuff he did and even got him fresh milk – even though the existing carton was good for another three days.  Anyway, he felt badly all day and went to bed early.  Before he went to sleep, he said “Wake me up before you leave so I know I didn’t die in my sleep.”  I assured him that I would know if he died in the middle of the night, but I guess that’s more of an assurance on my part than his.

Anyway, I woke him before I left and the first thing he said was “I made it?  I’m alive?”  Then he mumbled something about driving safe, but when I questioned him last night, he didn’t remember anything.  Guess you know what his subconscious was doing all night.

In other news, we’ve been busy staging our house.  We decided that the kitchen door needed to be fixed/replaced because it sticks so badly.  And is ugly.  Tom, of course, wanted to replace it.  I have only so much fight in me and the fight to keep the seals on display just about wiped me out.  So we went to Lowes where we discovered that yet again, our house was built funky.  Did you know that outside doors are suppose to be 36″ wide to accommodate firefighters and such?  And that our door is 28.5″ and would have to be special ordered?  Great.  So we came home, sans door, and Tom took out his trusty hammer and started attitude-adjusting the door.  What do you know?!  No more stick!  You don’t have to throw your entire weight against it to lock the deadbolt!  We totally should have done that like three years ago.

We found a closeout sale on a twin bed and purchased that for the dog’s room.  On Tuesday we took the dog’s kennel down and they’ve been sleeping on the pillow with just the door closed.  They seem to be awfully confused about climbing on the pillow without the confines of the cage.  Spice just stands there looking perplexed.  I wonder how long it will take Lola to figure out she’s next to a bed and no one is around to keep her off.

Yesterday when Tom went to wake them up, he first noticed that the room was kinda stinky like Spice Scent, so we’ll have to designate a Glade for that room alone.  The second observation was that Lola was not ready to wake up.  She stayed curled up until almost 10.  Lazy dog.  I think it’s because when Tom put up the X-mas lights he used the extension cord that was plugged into their outdoor doghouse, so for the past 4 weeks I’ve been putting them out thinking they had heat!  Poor Lola has been using up energy staying warm.  But she’s so cute in her new coat.  It’s all about the accessories.  And after that first day, she hasn’t lost it under the shed again.

Tomorrow is Tom’s Birthday.  If you get a chance, call and tell him how old he is.  Even his facial hair is starting to gray!


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