First Photoshop Attempt – That I’m willing to share

January 15, 2008 at 2:42 pm (Photoshop) (, )

I’m plugging away at my Photoshop lessons. Today I learned how to use the “clone” tool, the nifty feature that will do as it’s name implies. In this case, I sampled a good section of the flower and then used the clone tool to replace the leaves that had little bug bites. Cool stuff. I already know exactly how I’ll use this in the future – to remove the tip of Lola’s tongue! She’s always got just a tiny tip sticking out.

Anyway, here is the original (click to enlarge):


I followed the lesson to increase contrast, repair the image, sharpen, blur, darken, lighten, etc, and this is my result.


One thing I have noticed is that I have a different aesthetic than the author so where I might have stopped tweaking, he went further, but it’s still an interesting change. Comments are appreciated because you all will help me train my eye. This stuff needs to be subtle to look authentic and that’s more difficult to achieve than one might think.

Here is the original picture of Spice the Demon Dog:


Here is the touched up one. Notice anything missing??


I’ve amputated her foot!! And I changed the contrast slightly. Better?


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