Create a mood when none exists

January 18, 2008 at 2:58 pm (Photoshop) (, )

More Photoshop results. Here’s the original. Uninspired and more importantly, a jpeg. There was no raw file for this photo so I made all the adjustments using a jpeg….which means that I can go back and greatly alter some of my favorite photos. Anyway, the dull original.


And, afterwards, the Sunset Villa Picture:


Heh, look at that. Totally new picture. Granted, I might never want anything this extreme but within 21 lessons, the author is attempting to demonstrate as many techniques and applications as possible. There are some good ideas in this lesson that I’ll apply, singularly or in a group, to other photos. And I’m thinking now of some of my wedding pictures but I’ll wait until my skill level improves a bit.

Tell me what you think of the placement of the picture in this post. Big thanks to Dad for telling me how to resize photos inside Photoshop. Do you like them in this larger size underneath each other, or would you prefer two “thumbnails” side by side?


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