The Nose that Knows

January 23, 2008 at 2:07 pm (Vacation) (, , )

This is the nose that knows. How she knows, or even what she knows, is up for debate. But through great deliberateness and determination, she knows what she knows.


Lola loves the beach. At the beach, her chronic case of selective hearing flares up and as she travels further and further away, her human minders become increasingly less influential. For that reason, I’ve stopped calling for her and have abdicated that responsibility entirely to Tom. My shrill voice catches on the wind and is whipped in the opposite direction, whereas Tom’s manly voice stands a chance of registering in her tiny little brain.

But who can blame her when there are so many important things that must be sniffed out, investigated, and in many cases, marked. Ya’ll know what I’m referring to.


When left to her own devices and explorations, Lola is very thorough. The entire area must be sniffed. Oddly enough, during this time she’s silent. No barking. Perhaps her nose stops working when she barks.


Eventually she gets far enough afield that we need to call her back or risk losing her altogether. Sadly, it’s never her idea to turn back. I think she would happily explore all day and into the night.


Ears a-flappin….


And eventually she returns.


Most often Lola doesn’t come running back, more likely she’s ambling back taking her sweet time and filling her little lungs with the salty-fishy air.


But any way you look at it, Lola has a great time.

And now for a few stylistic notes: these pictures have all be retouched, so if something looks really annoying to you, mention it. The last photo I cropped/zoomed because she was just a tiny speck in the original. Did the best I could, but obviously the resolution suffers. Is it worth it? Secondly, Lola is wearing her sweater not because it was cold, which is was, but because the sweater covers her belly quite a bit, and you should have seen the mess the day before!! Disgusting.


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