Won’t you be my Friend?

January 27, 2008 at 8:09 pm (Playtime) (, , , )

Lola is not a friendly dog. You may have noticed this. She’s a fear barker and HATES big dogs. If she sees a big dog, she’s going to bark and growl and try every intimidation tactic to keep them at bay. Her efforts are usually mitigated by Spice’s frantic whining and straining on the leash, begging to rush over to any dog big or small (she the non-discriminatory type) to become friends.

On the beach I’ve seen Lola chase down two standard poodles (what? No poodle love?) with Spice hot on her heels trying to become said poodles new BFF. But, for the first time, Lola asked oh so plaintively to befriend a dog on the beach.

She strained on the leash, made noises I’ve never heard before, and her whole body trembled with the prospect of meeting a new potential playmate.


I think Lola was seized by the need to go and meet this dog because first, she was looking fierce in that pink ensemble and secondly, because the dog reminded her of Jax – tiny, her-sized and therefore not intimidating. Which I find mildly interesting because whenever Jax and Lola and got together, Lola seemed to tire easily of Jax’s enthusiasm.

But, meeting this lovely pup was not in the day’s plan. It was hard for Lola to understand, because after all, who would want to get up close and personal with this….


We continued ambling along and eventually found a deeper runoff where Lola attempted to get clean.


But, in the end, she was simply too disgusting for words.


Perhaps she should have put her sweater on.

Spice just wants to know when I’m going to get different photographic subjects. Yeah, keep dreaming. When I’m done with you and I can leave your smelly butts in the car and go to dinner. But I promise to bring you back some Chicky-Nuggets.


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