Three Week House Update

January 29, 2008 at 10:30 am (Pre-Move Updates)

It’s been three weeks since our house was listed.  We’ve had one very successful open house and one dismal one.  We’ve shown the house privately twice.  And we’ve managed to keep it clean with a capital “c”.

This house is considered our main competition.  This weekend they lowered the price to $269 (ours is at $279).  Yesterday we got an email from our agent wanting to know whether we wanted to lower our price.

I admit, I was quite peeved she would even ask this.  I know that we listed the house higher than what she would have liked, but it’s been three weeks – and in this market we are expecting to sit on it for sixteen weeks.  The comments that we’ve gotten is that the other house (the first one listed on the link), has a larger master bedroom.  I viewed the house during an open house and had the agent whip out her measuring tape.  The bedroom is square where ours is rectangular, and obviously it isn’t a converted garage, so while the square footage is the same, you can get a king-sized bed and two nightstands in in.  As for the rest of the house, the other two, not three, bedrooms are slightly larger and things have been updated but not with the finishes we have.

But I understand – if what you want is are bigger rooms, you aren’t going to care if it’s new tile vs new vinyl.  I get that.  What I don’t get is Rosie’s thought that by keeping our price $10K higher, we are just “pushing” people to that other house.  That house has been on the market since at least Thanksgiving – NO ONE IS BUYING IT.  And, if we lower our price by the same, aren’t we still just “pushing” people to that house?

In my mind, it’s best that they lower their price and get the house off the market completely – making us the best place around.  Quite honestly, I feel that if someone was really torn between the two houses, ours being $10K more, then they would offer us $10K less and see what we did.  No one is making any offers, to us or anyone else, and in this market, offering $10-15 under the listing price doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Also, it’s annoying that Rosie isn’t doing anything to sell our house.  You wouldn’t believe what Tom has done.  He created an html Craig’s List listing.  It’s a regular Craig’s Listing that he inserted code to make it look like an html page and all pretty.  He created a Virtual Flyer that gets listed at other real estate sites, and he got Google to list “updated Auburn rambler” first.  Rosie took some pictures and created a flyer in Publisher (um…hello!) and that’s it.  It’s really disappointing that Rosie just doesn’t get that people who would purchase our house are going to find it online.  They aren’t going to run to the grocery store and pick up the latest South King County For Sale booklet.  The world has changed.  And now she wants us to lower the price.

Tom and I had talked about lowering the price every four weeks until May.  But I’m beginning to feel we should just hold tight until we see some movement in the comps.  What good does it do to lower the price $5k when our competition, at a lower price, isn’t moving either!  It’s only $5k, not like $100K.  If they really wanted it, wouldn’t they just make a lower offer?  My fear is that we lower the price $5k each in February and March and then in April when the traffic picks up (hopefully), we’ll be at $269 and then they’ll make an offer of $10k less.  Makes more sense to hold at $279 until we see some movement, or if in April we notice more traffic, lower the price by $10K hold another open house and create some “new” buzz.

But, we’ll see.  Otherwise, things are fine and we’re all adjusting.  The dogs enjoy sleeping on the spare bed and every morning it’s interesting to see what kind of damage they’ve done to the sheets.  Tom and I miss our couch terribly, neither one of us is comfortable.  I miss not having a chair to read in one of the spare rooms, but overall, it’s pretty minor.

And, I’ve decided that I hate the media and I believe we’ve hit a recession.  If I vote for Romney, will he fix the economy for me?

OH!!  So I was all set to vote in the Democratic primary because as we all know, WA is going to go Democrat and likely choose Hilary, and if we have to have a Democratic president, I’d rather it be Barack, preferably with Edwards as Vice.  Anyway, I thought I would use my vote wisely and try to influence the Democratic primary.  Turns out the delegates from this state are selected ONLY from the caucus – not the primary!  Why they have both then is really dumbfounding and I’m really don’t want to spend three hours caucusing – but it’s a really important cause, keeping Hilary and Bill out of the White House.  Stupid system.


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