Pookie Carnage Part 2

February 3, 2008 at 6:24 pm (Playtime) (, , )

Come on…who would think this is the face of viciousness? This tiny little furball is smaller than most cats.


WhaaHaaHaa….Fooled you all, Stupid Humans! I am the destroyer of all that is plushed and soft! I am the terror of anything with a ten-cent plastic squeak! I give no mercy to my prey!


Sadly, FleaBag has met a courageous if untimely death. He was valiant in his fight and preformed well on the battlefield, but alas, he was no match for the Supreme Beheader of the Pookies.


He will be remembered and honored. At this time, he is in the morgue awaiting the decision of his final resting place. Will he undergo the primitive Egyptian practice of cranial destuffing and returned to the battlefield a few ounces lighter? Or will some sympathetic physician take needle and thread to his wounds and patch him up to fight again?

Or will the Human whip out the trusty ductape? To be determined…..


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