Lola’s Prognosis

February 11, 2008 at 7:22 pm (Dog Update) (, , , )

She’s going to liiiivvveeee!!!

Lola is doing much better. Sunday she didn’t have one wheeze-attack, and in fact, barked her fool head off to the point I threw her outside. She did relax a bit with me on the couch and at one point she was playing quietly with Spice. Her tolerance towards Spice seems to be at a low point, but perhaps that will pass. Or perhaps Spice will learn to be less annoying to Lola. We’ll have to wait and see on that front. I have decided, for the moment, to keep her in her sausage sweater full-time. She might be slightly cold and if I wait a few more days I think she’ll have adjusted to the cold weather better. And by cold weather I mean the icebox we call our house.

Lola would like to thank you for the thoughtful Get Well card she received in the mail today.

A card?! For me?! Why, I’m so honored. What do I do with it, mom?


It seems to have a particular scent to it. It smells like Ode D’ Salmon Munchie!! Oh, wait, I see, you just snuck one there to get me to pay attention. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it, cute card. Now read me the darn thing while I chew my Salmon Munchie.


Treats?! Did someone say more treats?? I’m feeling better already. Now set me down so I can go flaunt my Salmon Munchie Breath in Spice’s face.


That was so cute. When Tom called I told him “Lola got a card in the mail today.” Poor Tom….that just isn’t a sentence that computes for him. It’s like hearing a sentence where the words make sense but the sentence itself has no meaning. Guess the dogs need to start getting him more Hallmark cards for all the useless holidays. Like National Sticky Bun Day – February 22! Mark those calendars.

And yes, I did sanitize the countertop after I put Lola down so don’t give me crap. I couldn’t figure out how to take a decent picture without laying on the floor – one drawback to having a pint-sized pooch. Extra bleech, I promise.


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