Spice’s First Haircut

February 13, 2008 at 3:01 pm (Dog Update) (, , , )

Well, I don’t know for sure if this is Spice’s first haircut, but it’s the first time we’ve gotten her trimmed. Tom had a traumatic experience with his previous Aussies – he took them to the groomer with explicit instructions NOT to trim them, and of course, they did. Except they apparently took way too much fur off, and when it grew back, it was stiff and coarse and not the silky, soft original texture.

We’ve had Diane bathe Spice several times already, so Spice is a pro at the groomers. Diane commented that she’s never had such a good dog before; the first time Spice was there she had to be coaxed into the tub but from there on out, she just jumps right in. I’m not surprised that Spice loves her Spa Days, after all, this is the dog who thought a trip to the vet was the highlight of her year.

Anyway, as promised, the Before picture of Spice, from the side.


And now the After view.


Most importantly, Diane cleaned up her pants. I didn’t get a picture of her butt until about a week after the trim, but please trust me when I say it looked like the sheep right after we’d fitted them. It was soft, fluffy, and perfectly formed to her rear end. No longer does the fur on her butt move independently from her. The Before….


Eww, lock at all that unruly fur. No style at all. And the After…..


Bootylicious. To another dog anyway. Not Lola. Despite their lesbianic tendencies, Lola doesn’t find Spice attractive in that way. Spice however….well, she might be a little confused.

Lola’s grooming was same-old-same-old….here is her fluffy Before picture. She wasn’t even that long, and it had been about ten weeks. I think it’s really helped that she’s been inside the house staying dry and therefore doesn’t have the opportunity to develop those nasty mats under her sweaters.

Her Before photos (the Pookie Carnage photos were taken the night before the trim)….


And the After shots. Here she’s growling at Spice to maintain a 5-foot distance from the food bowl. I think this picture accurately sums up the Essence of Lola at 5 p.m. I believe it says “Back off Bee-yotch, or I’ll go Medieval on yo’ ass“. Really, she’s pretty insistent that Spice doesn’t come near her, look at her, or breath the same air while she’s eating. Yet she only eats when I’m in the kitchen. Perhaps Lola had a traumatic experience as a puppy and wants a human around to administer the Heimlich Maneuver on her should she start choking on a piece of kibble. Maybe that’s why it has to be me, as opposed to Tom, in the kitchen while she’s eating.


Here is another After shot. This wasn’t the best one of the bunch, but it serves two purposes. First, with her eyes closed, you avoid that pesky Demon Eye problem. Secondly, it really shows how enjoyable dinner time is for Lola. There will be no posing, there will be no standing still, there will be no pretty pictures because I’m hungry, Bee-yotch. Didn’t you get the above memo??


Duly noted.


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