Best $4 Spent on Entertainment This Week

February 21, 2008 at 2:14 pm (Uncategorized)

On Friday, we drove through Black Diamond on our way to Enumclaw to sign our taxes. What’s a trip through Black Diamond without stopping at the Bakery for a cinnamon roll? Did you know there is a Smoke House right next door to the bakery? Tom stopped for some Loggers and purchased these for the dogs.


Tom was so thoughtful, he got two big ones for Spice and two little ones for Lola. These were some prime bones. I know we’d never given Spice a marrow bone before, so I was sure this would be entertaining. First, Tom needed to alert the dogs to the goodness to come.


Lola knows what that smell is, but Spice is a little unsure. It seems kinda messy to her but Lola didn’t hesitate getting down to business.


Look at the claws! Lola must be part cat because when the need arises, she unleashes those claws and wields them like no ones business. Spice on the other hand, is confused. Not an unusual state for her, mind you. Is she supposed to lick the outside, slowly making sweet bone love to it?


No?? That doesn’t seem to be very effective. Maybe she’s supposed to chew it. That always seems to work for her other bones.


Hmm….that doesn’t seem very effective either, and hard on the teeth.  Don’t chip a tooth, Stupid Dog!!  Sure, I could move so she could see what Lola was doing to her bone, but I needed to get good pictures. Maybe Tom can help her figure this out.


Okay, now she’s got it. Lick the innards out. That’s pretty tasty, isn’t it Spicy?


Wow, that seems to be good stuff. Good thing her tongue is so long, this could take a while.


Meanwhile, in the three minutes or so that we were teaching Spice how to eat a marrow bone, Lola was making incredible progress with her bone.


That must have been almost two inches deep. The dog has a tongue like Gene Simmons. Spice’s progress…..


And Lola’s progress….


Would you look at that? Lola is actually pushing the marrow out the other side of the bone with her tongue!! Right now she’s got about an inch exposed. And just about thirty seconds later, the bone was clean.


The bones are now licked clean and look like they’ve been bleached. The dogs still carry them around and make love to them. Do you know how loud the sound of a beef bone dropped on a wood floor is? I’m tempted to take them away just so they don’t dent the floors. We still have another set to give them – more entertainment for a night with poor tv choices.


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