House Update: Week 7 – Prepare for some major whining

February 26, 2008 at 12:34 pm (Pre-Move Updates) (, , , , )

It over…..we’re doooommmeeeddd!!!

As expected, new inventory has hit the market in our zip code. Several homes have come on the market in the past couple of days, in similar size, with garages, in our price range. I do believe this is the end people and I’m resigning myself to the futility of this house selling exercise.

I know, I’m such a Negative Nancy, and I have much to be thankful for, but this still sucks. We’ve had plenty of traffic come through our house, and not one single offer. Generally the comments have been “we love the house, but it’s a little small,” or “we really need a garage” or “we love it, we just need to get financing”. Arg. I understand about the space issue, and I get that a garage is desirable, but definitely, buyers right now are looking for the ultimate package and aren’t willing to actually spend any money.

Yesterday articles like these came out, forecasting recession and proclaiming 10-year housing lows. Frankly, the headlines were so depressing I didn’t even bother reading the actual article, and somehow I was lucky enough to miss the coverage on the nightly news. Today the big headline is the wholesale inflation – so good news people, when we’re stuck at our house for the next umteen years, I’ll be paying more for gas to get to my job thirty miles away and more for contaminated beef and double the price for any wheat-based product. Yipee!! Isn’t there a war they can cover, or some more pictures of Obama dressed in a dashiki?

To look at the bright side, I’m so extremely grateful that the choice to sell our house is our own – we’re not being forced out by rising interest rates, a crummy ARM, loss of job, etc. Unlike almost everyone else selling their Auburn homes right now, we are banking some serious dough every month because we are in Serious Savings Mode. Which, by the way, also sucks. At the end of this process however, if our house doesn’t sell, we’ll have enough money to take some really nice vacations this summer. Take that failing economy!! We’ll show you! We’re going to trade one hell – house selling – for the ultimate hell – air travel. Muhahaha….

We decided this weekend that we don’t want any more feed back if it’s along the lines of size/garage/financing. We were hiding around the corner watching a family come through on Saturday. Did I just say family? I meant village. It was a true caravan – an Escalade, a Suburban, and a coupe. I swear, there must have been more than a dozen people walking up to the house, and at that moment I knew it was a lost cause. Our house was going to feel incredibly cramped the moment you put a village inside!

In the past week or so, Tom seems to have resigned himself better than I have. At first, I was the more patient one, but now I’m just anxious about the whole thing. I want my life back – I want to be able to plan summer vacations, resume my riding schedule, pick out weather appropriate summer clothes and shoes. Where am I going to be in 6 months, and I should schedule a dentist appointment with the devil I know or wait until we get to MN? Should I continue my wait-and-see approach with my doctor, or should I take care of the problem before we move?

I’m out of meat in the freezer – should I go to Sam’s and stock up? Or will Karma bite me in the ass if I purchase $60 worth of beef and pork?? Is that what it would take to get an offer because $60 would totally be worth it to get this process rolling.

So you see, it’s more than just a vague feeling of wanting the house to sell or even wanting to move. I want to go back to planning things. I’m a planner, I think months out. It gives me something to do when work is boring. Now we just clean the house on Friday night and keep it spotless on the weekends. If I want to make something nice for dinner, I have to wait until 2:30-3 p.m. to make sure there won’t be more showings that day. Even the dogs are getting tired of having to remind us to “find” their beds and bones we put away for the showings. It’s taking quite a toll on Lola really. Think about the poor dogs, they never know who’s going to be tramping around their house, stinking the joint up. And don’t get me started on the room freshener we have to keep plugged in near their bed! How two dogs can create such a stale-Frito smell, I don’t know, but the industrial strength air freshener used to neutralize the room has got to be frying their nasal passages.

Anyway, in the time it took me to whine/rant, we got a call. Someone is coming out today to look at our house for a second time. OMG. I take back paragraphs two, three and four. I’m feel much better just knowing that someone out there likes our house well enough to take a second look. I know that he’s not going to actually buy it, why would he, but just having that glimmer of hope…it makes me choke up thinking about it. Obama, if you can make me feel this way all the time, you have my vote!!

Maybe I’ll go buy some meat this weekend.


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