Turbo Dogs Attack

February 28, 2008 at 1:48 pm (Playtime) (, , , )

I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos.  They were terrible.  I took them at the height of the afternoon when the sun was super bright and the dogs kept racing into the shadows.  The originals has this really grainy washed out look and I improved them to the best of my limited abilities.  Good thing the dogs play a lot – hopefully I’ll be able to try again.

Also of no interest to no one except Dad, I played more with my other lens, the 70-300mm.  Decided that since it’s not auto-focus, it is simply impossible to snap pictures of wiggly dogs, much less Turbo Dogs.  I was practicing while the pups were lounging about in their kennels or munching on kibble and I thought the shots were turning out alright until I brought them up on the computer.  In nearly every photo I had picked a spot to focus on OTHER than the dog.  In one case is was the plastic of the dog house behind Lola, another the trashcan behind Spice.  I gave up trying to zoom and focus when they were running around.  Wonder if someone would like to trade me for an auto-focus lens?  Am I missing something?  What do people do with these lenses? Take still shots of architecture 2 miles away using a tripod?

Ok, on to the shots of the Turbo Dogs, complete with non-intentional movement effects.

First, Lola says Hi.  Loudly and proudly.  Over and over.  Ok, enough dog, we get it.  Shut up already.


Let’s get this party started!!  First, I had to find a suitable toy.  Here is an otherwise unimpressive rubber squeak toy for Spice to chase.  She’s good about chasing down her toys and if she’s interested….well, then Lola is interested in taking said toy away from Spice.  As long as the toy isn’t a rawhide bone, in which case Spice will have buried it before you can blink.  Odd little habit.  Anyway, Spice returning with her bone…


And the chase is on!  I love the floppy ears.  Note how Spice slightly turns back so she can taunt Lola just a little bit.


The famous Bounding Dog!!  It’s extremely rare to actually catch this move – ususally she’s so fast you don’t see her suspended in mid-air but it does explain how she can cover so much ground, relative to her size.  This is the equivalent of catching the Great White Shark doing that breech move on the Discovery Earth series.  Except that it didn’t take me 5 years to capture.  And I didn’t have to chum the backyard with baby seals.


Ok, the time for nice play is over.  Now we need to engage in some vicisous neck biting.  Lola looks like a CGI creature.  Or like The Scream by Munch.


And when it’s all over, Lola take a breather in her Cottage.  Spice is not invited.


Doesn’t look like the same dog that was just moments ago engaged in some serious rough-housing with a dog 5 times her size.  So innocent….it’s how she works the system so well.

Also on the doggie news: Tom took them through the drive thru and bought the fries.  Of course they enjoyed them but later, we may have used up a can of Febreeze covering up the Doggie Fry Fart smell.  Unpleasant.  Just be thankful this blog doesn’t have Cyber-smell.


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