Interior House Pictures

March 18, 2008 at 5:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry about the confusion, they took the pictures off the MLS listing! I had to get our agent to send me pictures of the house. So, without further ado….I present the front of the house:


The soffets have lights in them, so at night the house is lit up in an attrative manner. On the left side of the house, you’ll notice a small trailer – the owner paved a small section over there for the extra parking. That may be useful. Also note the black cyclone fencing.

As you walk into the front door, this is the first room to the right. It’s the formal living room and we’ll likely use it as such.


As you continue down the hall from the front door you’ll come to the kitchen. Note the gas stove, and all the appliances were new in 2005. The Formica is okay, but we’re going to replace it with granite and put up a nice tiled backsplash. It will help make the kitchen pop. Also, the linoleum floor isn’t very attractive, it tries for a ceramic tile look and falls short, by a lot. We’re likely going to replace it also.


This is the eating area. It has a slider to the deck.


The stairs in the kitchen lead up to the bedrooms. At the top of the stairs, to the left, is a full bath. Down the hall on the right are two regular bedrooms and at the end of the hall on the left is the master bedroom with a master bath.


The only drawback to the room is that the lovely large window looks into someone else’s kitchen. Oh well, we probably won’t be having wild monkey sex during their dinner hour with the windows open anyway.

Now that you’re all done wiping that image from your brains, as if it’s even possible….


Down the stairs is the fourth bedroom. We’ll likely use this as an office until such time we need to combine an office with a guest room. This room was done in tongue and groove light oak paneling. Including the ceiling. It’s pretty awful. Like you’ve walked into a log cabin without the rustic charm. We’re going to just drywall over it and turn it into a room that matches the tone of the rest of the house.

On the lower level there is a laundry room and another full bath, the above room, and then the family room.


We’re going to put our TV in the same location and position the couch so we can, obviously, see the TV and look out the slider and window. To the right of the TV is another good sized window and where they kept their couch, so it’s a good sized room. Also, there is a door leading to storage under the entire kitchen area. Or, the most awesome child’s play area ever!

Out the slider is the hot tub. Tom is really looking forward to using it. First, it has the privacy fence, which is a must. Second, it has a top that is easy to put up/down so you won’t freeze to death getting out in the winter, and third, it’s really close to the house so we might actually use it in the winter.


The size of the yard is 0.22 acres which might feel small except for the large pond behind the house. Or, as I refer to it, as the Mosquito Pit. Time will tell. We’re going to get one of those Sunbeam retractable awnings for the deck, the kind that can be turned into a screen room. That way, if the bugs are really bad, we can still enjoy the outdoors without being eaten. And the dogs will have some shade.


The view of the pond. Along the side of this fence is the paved walking trail. The dogs need their entertainment and daily exercise.


Do they make a West Nile Virus vaccine for dogs? Maybe we should get it too.

The house is really going to be nice. It’s going to feel much larger than what we have, yet I think we’re going to use the space well and it will feel homey. Also, it comes with the high-ticket items like a fence, deck, and sprinkler. Oh, sure, Tom likes the finished/heated garage too. I like the big pantry in the kitchen and the space for a freezer. I’m going to paint much of the interior the color of our living room now, the light vanilla color, and we’ll use the same color in the master bedroom as we have now because it perfectly matches our duvet. Otherwise, it’s perfectly ready to move into.

Don’t worry, when we get settled in, there will be more pictures. I’m sure you’re all dying to know where Lola’s couch is going to go. Maybe we should get the dogs beds for every level!


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