Oh, my word….

March 21, 2008 at 2:10 pm (Pre-Move Updates) (, , )

Guess how much snow there is in Minnesota right now?


Yep, 8 inches today!!  Can you believe it?  First of all, the dogs are going to FREEZE.  Followed closely by me.


When does it all end, do you suppose?  That just looks gloomy and cold.  Will need to keep the polar fleece available.

In other news, we are doing well.  It’s been extremely helpful that we haven’t had to pack.  This weekend we’re going to make a dump run, give some things to Judy and Samantha, and go to the Brokaw’s for Easter Dinner.  Low-key and low-stress.  Monday and Tuesday will probably be pretty busy.

My last day is today, Friday.  My coworkers took me to lunch on Wednesday and then my team went for drinks after work on Thursday.  I’ve gotten gifts of jewelry, cash, gift cards, chocolate and a Starbucks mug.  Definitely feeling the love.  And very, very glad that I will be able to do some contract work for PACE while I find a job.  Linda has agreed to 30 hours a week for 2 months, maybe more or less if needed, and the idea of having immediate work is really reassuring – I can get us settled in and get my bearings before I have to start looking.

I’ll keep you guys posted as I can during our trek out.  I’m legitimately worried about blizzards now, and I’ve warned Tom that I don’t want to have to decide which dog to eat first should we become stranded. 🙂


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