Does this sweater make me look fat?

April 10, 2008 at 2:43 pm (Playtime) (, )

That’s a burning fashion question from Lola.  I bought her a new sweater when I was at PetSmart.  All the sweaters were 50% off, but it was only $14 originally.  Remember when dog sweaters were not only difficult to find but ridiculously expensive?  I could have gotten her a black pleather trench for only $14.  But I resisted.  I need to purchase some bath rugs and one has to prioritize. One sweater for the dog.

So what do the dogs do all day while I’m working?  Well, currently, Lola is curled up in lap as I’m typing.  Toasty little bugger.

Usually, shortly after waking up and making the morning trip outside, she comes back inside for a catnap.

At some point, she begins to show some alertness.  Maybe it’s time to get lunch or go back outside.  Note the spit stain where she’s been licking the pillow.  OCD Dog.

Eventually, the dogs begin playing.  Viciously.  Note that Spice has her entire mouth around Lola’s neck.  I think the expression on Lola’s face says “Get this thing off of me”.  What do you think?

This one definitely says “Back the hell off Beyotch”.  But it’s all in love.  Spice likes Lola’s new sweater.  I saw her grab it near the butt and pull Lola five feet across the concrete floor, Lola’s toenails of no use on the slick surface.

After all the playing, they need to take another nap.  Note how Lola has fallen asleep on her bone.   The girls have their bones on all three levels, and occasionally, you hear a mad rush down a set of stairs as they scramble to reach their bone before their sister does.  I’ve only seen Spice biff it on the linoleum once.

The UPS man just came and we were interrupted.  Lola has assumed picture #2 position again, complete with the licking.

If I am reincarnated, I want to come back as a lap dog.


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