Just can’t get comfortable

April 11, 2008 at 12:46 pm (Dog Update) ()

Does anyone recognize what Spice is laying in/on?  Yep, it’s Lola’s couch.  Somehow, she contortioned herself on the couch, with her head resting on the arm, and a bone tucked under her.  Why she did this, I have no idea.  Her bed, which she loves and has been using, is right next to the couch.

I’m not sure how Lola feels about this.  Lola sleeps in Spice’s bed, but is Spice allowed to sleep in Lola’s bed?  It doesn’t really matter because I made Spice get up.  I don’t want her stretching out or ruining Lola’s couch.  Maybe the vents are blowing unpleasant drafts on Spice in her her bed.  I’ll try moving it to see if that helps.  And no, I didn’t pose that picture.

After a day of sleeting, we got a dusting of snow last night and more rain today.  Lola does not like this weather – she does her thing in record time and wants back in.  This morning Spice wanted to spend more time outside, so I let her.  When she was done, she wandered over to the window looking into the office and got my attention.  Nothing like the drowned-rat head of a dog poking over a set of monitors in the window.  Such a smart dog though.

They have yet to use their dog houses.  I don’t think they like where they’re placed.  First, the houses don’t have a good view of the people/dogs/birds/ etc. so there isn’t anything to entertain them.  Secondly, the dog houses are in the perpetualy shady part of the yard.  I think if we moved them to the side of the house where it gets warm and sunny and they can guard the walking path, they would be much happier.

On the barking front, it’s been too nasty to keep Lola outside and test her bark collar, but I agree with Dad’s observation.  Lola knows no pain.  The only time I’ve ever heard her yelp was when Dr. Ross stabbed her with a honking-huge needed for her id chip.  And even he was impressed.  He put the chip in Spice when she was sedated, otherwise, I know Spice, she would have cried until someone gave her a treat or three.


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