The poor, deprived puppy-hood of Spice

April 12, 2008 at 2:52 pm (Dog Update) (, )

While we were moving in, we found out that Farmington, while very small, boasts of an excellent steakhouse and we were encouraged to order the world famous T-Bone steak.  So last Sunday, on what was to be our last pre-diet meal, we went to the Farmington Steak House.  It’s located on Main Street, just blocks from us.  We walked in and were greeted with a familiar setup – a long cafeteria like bar where you place your order, the steaks are grilled right in front of you, and then you pay, seat yourself, and proceed to stuff yourself silly.

Both Tom and I ordered the T-Bone dinner for $13.95 each.  It came with a small salad, a baked potato with butter, and a slice of Texas Toast.  We about had a heart attack when we realized, after our meals were ready, that they only take cash or check!  Who doesn’t take credit card in this day and age?  Especially at an eatary?  Maybe that’s how they keep prices so low.  That and they charge for every little thing – want sour cream?  25 cents.  Want a take out box?  30 cents.

Our steaks were good.  Not excellent, probably not better than what I could do at home, but for $13 an absolute deal.  Why?  Because not only did they give you the T-Bone steak, but they ALSO GAVE YOU THE STRIP that is under/attached/whatever.  I don’t know my cow anatomy, but one side is called something and the other side of the cut something else.  Anyway – they essentially gave you two 8-10 oz. portions.  We could have easily spilt the meal because it was HUGE.  Well over a pound of meat on each plate.

So we did our best to do justice, but we had a lot of steak leftover which perfect for the pups.  And now I get to the point of this posting.

Monday night Tom cut up the leftovers, including the potatoes, and gave both dogs a large dinner plate each of food – when Lola clearly should get less food.  Spice made quick work of her’s, but Lola was savoring, as she does.  And Tom thoughtfully cut her meat into Poodle-sized bites so she would TASTE and not just inhale.

Lola was eating and eating and eating.  Eventually, I looked over and she was still, slowly, making her way through the plate.  She had this expression on her face like “I can do this.  I will do this”.  I wonder if it stopped being enjoyable.  You could see her little tummy expanding right before your eyes, like how a newborn lamb’s tummy plumps up after its first feeding.  When she was done, there was a distinct waddle.  I bet she had a biiiggg poo the next day.

On Tuesday, when the weather was nicer, I gave them the bones to eat outside.  Lola, being the Grandpup of Turini’s, knew right away what to do with her bone and ran off with it.  Spice was a little confused.

It smelled delicious but she didn’t quite know how to start – that was obviously by the fact that she let hers touch the ground.  Lola had her little teeth attached in a permanent manner.

Maybe she should treat it like all her other bones and chew it.  But she’s not sure – and she’s looking at Lola to watch the expert.

Lola is all business.  First, she is sitting for better leverage.  She attacking the meat of the bone, not the actual bone itself.  And she fully concentrating and engaged.

This is more like it. She’s assumed a sitting position and has stopped trying to eat the actual bone, and appears to be eating the meat.

But big-dog teeth just aren’t made to get into the tiny crevasses of the bone like Poodle teeth.  Try as she might, she eventually got frustrated trying to pick off the tiny bits of flesh and tried to eat the whole thing again.  And why not?  It’s worked for every other bone she’s ever had.  So I had to take it away.  I gave it to Lola and brought Spice inside where I gave her Salmon Munchies.  Surf & Turf!!


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