Home Photos – Installment #1, The Main Floor

April 16, 2008 at 1:54 pm (Home furnishings) (, )

Responding to popular request…pictures of our house. For full accuracy, I encourage you to come and visit

The view as you walk through the front door.

The living room is to the right and the closet to the left…well, duh.  If you turn around….

You see the front door.  We, and by we I mean Tom, just got it up yesterday so we’ll have to get some finishing pieces.  The old door was solid and it’s amazing how this little window has really brightened the area already.  There’s a narrow window next to the door.  The door on the left is the door to the garage.  That was the color of nearly the entire house when we moved in.  As you can tell, it’s not really an offensive color, but it was just overwhelming is such a large space.  My soul is now at peace with the new lighter colors, which seems WHITE in most of these photos but trust me, is an off-white in the tan family.

The seal cabinet is between the two and since the back of the cabinet is mirrored, it too helps reflect the light from the slider across the room.

One benefit to having the two doors side-by-side like this – when the dogs attack the front door at the sound of the doorbell, it’s super easy to open the garage door and tell them to “KILL” and then lock them in there!

The formal living room….

This is the formal living room.  That is a full-size sleeper sofa and side chair.  Hopefully my slipcover catalog will come soon.  How is it when you want a catalog to stop coming, it takes forever, but when you actually want one to come, it never gets here?

We moved the old coffee table and side table to this room and purchased an electric fireplace.  It’s pretty neat.  You might not be able to tell from the picture, but it’s on and glowing red.  I’ll put up some pictures over the couch – I have this idea to frame some of our favorite photos but it’s not super high priority at the moment.  Also, I have a valance for the curtains but am waiting until I free up an extra rod.

Now, the view looking into the kitchen…

Good thing this picture is small, or you could see all the dishes drying in my sink.  😉  I wash, I don’t like to dry, not when air drying is so darn time-efficient.  Anyway, the kitchen.  Lot’s of cabinet space, as you can see.  In the bottom right corner Spice is eating.  When our new countertops come next week, we’ll be extending the island out to create a bar on the long side.  I was thinking of putting a small dog pillow under there because my dogs do not understand the concept of “the box” much less getting out of it.  Spice’s favorite spot is directly in front of the fridge.   Oh, and I ordered a trash can/recycle combo for under the sink, so I’ll be getting rid of that eyesore.

If you look closely at the above pictures, you can see the pond out the slider.  I admit, I really like the pond so far.  Of course, it’s not mosquito season yet and I reserve the right to modify that statement.  I love how when you enter the house, or even in the kitchen, it looks like we have waterfront property, the way the back yard slopes.  So cool.  And on sunny days, it’s beautiful.

Next, the dining area….

This is our new kitchen table.  It seats six and has a leaf.  I feel so grown up.  Now, I need all of you to come visit so I can test it out.  We’re going to leave it in the extended position for a while.  I’ll need to get some placemats soon.  I think the wall with the picture needs something else.  It’s a pretty big wall.  We do have a tv in the kitchen.  It’s kind of nice to watch the food channel while cooking, and I absolutely didn’t want it in the bedroom.

Here is a picture of the stairs….

While there is no bathroom on the main floor, that doorway at the top of the stairs on the left is a full bath.  And there’s a full bath just down the stairs, second door on the left.  The first door downstairs is the laundry room.

Anyway, Spice and Lola like to lay at the top of the stairs and survey the landscape.  I didn’t realize how space-deprived the dogs were.  They really like having more space to wander around, I catch them sleeping in all sorts of spots.  For the first few days they were all over, but I think they’ve settled down to a few favorites now.  One handy thing is that you can stand at the top of the steps and throw dog toys all the way down to the bottom floor where their basket lives.  They still have a pile upstairs in the master bedroom, but I’m resisting purchasing another pookie basket for the upper floor.

Our carpet….

…is the color of Lola!!  Do you think I should send something to the manufacturer and see if they’ll change the name of the color to Lovable Lola?  Likable Lola?  Lola when she’s grungy and scruffy?

SIDE NOTE: Lola needs groomed.  It’s been about 9 weeks and she’s starting to get really dense.  I agree with everyone that she’s adorable in this state, but the trade-off is that the longer I wait from this point out, the greater the likelihood they will have to trim her really short.  And we all agree that’s not a good look on Lola.  So I’m waiting until after Dad and Zoe’s visit to trim her.  That will give me some time to stagger her hair appointment and mine so Tom doesn’t go into shock when he sees this month’s beauty bill.

The carpet is nice.  I don’t think it’s very good quality so I can see it wearing out in 3-5 years and I tremble at the thought of the cost/moving furniture/replacing carpet ordeal we’ll have to go through.  Lola, as I’ve mentioned, doesn’t find it nearly as nice as the old Berber in terms of the carpet snurfing routine.

We’ve decided to hold on replacing the linoleum on the main floor.  Changing the color of the wall helped and it’s easy to clean, and there is A LOT of it, so for now we’re going to hold.  And I’m perfectly ok with that.

Tomorrow – The top floor!


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