Could someone give me a paw, please?

April 19, 2008 at 9:53 pm (All Lola All the Time) ()

Lola has Squirrel. How will Squirrel fare today? Will he get slimy or is he in for much worse?

Hmm…looks like she’s in full on attack mode….

Uh-oh, she’s abandoned Squirrel? Why? Has she got something in her mouth?

Why, yes, yes she does. She has a tiny Squirrel paw in her mouth. Look at the intensity in her eyes. That’s her prize….

As a side note, Lola has learned to hoard her toys, just like Spice does. I’m so proud.

For the record, Squirrel is still alive. Good thing he doesn’t actually need those paws.


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