Our Living Room Furniture

April 27, 2008 at 2:30 pm (Dog Update) ()

The other day I noticed that Spice wasn’t sleeping in the office with me as I was working.  Lola was in her new preferred spot, spread across my lap keeping me toast, but Spice wasn’t on the lower floor.  I started up the stairs and I saw her.  I had to turn around to get my camera and luckily, she stayed put.

Spice loves the new chair.  It was made for her.

In case you can’t tell, she has moved the back pillow away and is laying against the back of the chair, half on the now moved pillow, with her paws on the arm rest.

Here’s a better view.  We were wondering what in the world the dogs were doing to move the pillow.  We’d come home to find the pillow in the middle of the chair and knew, due to it’s size, that Spice was somehow involved, but frankly, this was something I had not pictured.

Lola decided that this was far more comfortably looking than my bony lap, so she joined Spice.

I wandered off to eat lunch and when I was through and ready to return to work, the dogs were still racked out.

Over the weekend, Tom caught Spice on the chair and reprimanded her, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work in the long run.  And is it fair?  Lola has free run of almost every piece of non-sleeping furniture in the house, isn’t it only fair that Spice gets a piece of her own.  And with that statement, I’m now responsible for keeping all the Spice fur off the chair.  Hope my vacuum is up to the challenge.


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