If Only….

April 29, 2008 at 9:59 am (Dog Update) ()

If only I could teach her to put them BACK in the box. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Out of control even. Spice has pulled just about every toy out of the box. This morning, I saw her standing in the box to get to the ones on the bottom. She never used to pull toys out like this in Auburn. What is with her?

Are you wondering if there are any toys left???

Yep, just a few, but mostly balls. I guess she doesn’t want to play with the balls.

And in other Spice news….last night Tom put the pups to bed. We were laying in bed, discussing for the umpteenth time where our IPODS might be, and I got up to check the closet. I turned around and saw a dark lump on the floor near my bed. It was Spice!! I looked around for Lola, but she wasn’t up there. I asked, and Tom didn’t actually check to make sure both dogs were in the room before he closed the door. So Spice, very stealithly, climb the stairs, avoided Ticky-Toes in the kitchen, didn’t jingle her dog tags and came into the bedroom. So we left her. I don’t think she moved all night long – she must have been too afraid we’d throw her out. And I totally would have, but if I’d gone back downstairs the temptation to check the luggage under the house for those IPODS would have been too great. It’s all about me, people.


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