Ew, Ew and Double Ew

May 7, 2008 at 8:29 am (Dog Update) ()

Guess what fell off of Spice this morning?


Except that is was so engorged with blood you couldn’t see its legs.  It was waddling very slowly and looked like a soft squishy blob.  I was sitting at my computer desk petting Lola in my lap and Spice was dancing around – typical morning stuff.  Apparently, this little bugger spent the night sucking Spice Blood and FELL OFF!  On my floor.  Inside my house.

So I stepped on it.  Thank God Merrill shoes have thick soles.  Here is the carnage.

Of course, when I first stepped on it, I didn’t know it was a tick (but I was pretty sure) so I left the carnage on the concrete while I turned to Google.  By the time I went to clean it up, it had turned into a crime scene.  Blood that is half dried it tough to clean up.  And it was a lot of blood.

So, I think this thing is called a Dog Tick and it carries Rocky Mountain Disease, not the tick that carries Lyme Disease.  Like that makes me feel better when these little suckers FALL OFF, IN MY HOUSE, and can lay up to 6500 eggs wherever they fall.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I need to go order some flea and tick medication ASAP, before breakfast, and let the dogs back inside.

P.S. Spice has been shaking her head since I came home and I asked Tom if he let her get wet, thinking she might have an ear infection.  I now think she has ticks in her ears.  Tom – she’s your dog.  I’ll hold her but I’m not getting those out.  Want to wait for the medication to take affect and kill them before we take a look?


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