Sisterly Molestation

May 18, 2008 at 5:41 pm (My Daily Life)

I have no coherent story to go along with these photos. I thought I would just post them to show you truly how WEIRD we are. For the record, Andrea instigated all these, so maybe that makes her more weird. But then I was the one who spent a half hour photoshopping them and putting them on the web for the whole world to see, so maybe that makes me just as weird. Ok, maybe more.

Andrea began the day by trying to loosen me up by disrobing me. Is her hand acting independantly? I think not!

And how often does this happen to me that I just look down like “Whoa, where is my shirt going?”

Is this the effect I have on people?

God, Andrea looks like she could be in a Zombie movie. However, I look pretty decent. Got the good eyebrow thing going on.

But this, this is just inexcusable!

No words, no words.

This might have been the best shot of Andrea all day. I think her expression says “What? Don’t you stand around like this all day?”

But in the end, we had fun.


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