I Spy Playtime

May 19, 2008 at 5:21 pm (Dog Photo Story, Playtime)

I caught Lola and Spice playing in the backyard the other day, so I used the opportunity to catch some shots using my zoom lens, but through the window, unfortunately.

Lola really wants to play. She’ll even through herself under Spice to get her attention.

Come on, Spice. Show Lola a little love.

So stoic is Spice, but she she can’t resist. Game on, Munchkin!

Look at that, Spice’s got Lola by the throat!

But Lola fights back with a vicious poke to the eye. Also, this is why Lola gets so dirty, look how much time she spends rolling in the grass on her back.

Oh, what’s this? Has the tide turned? Is Lola gaining the upper paw?

She’s got Spice by the ear! And folks, in case you haven’t played with Lola in a while, I don’t suggest you get into a biting game with her. She bites HARD. I don’t ever let her bite-play with me because she doesn’t understand that my hands are much more fragile than Spice. Frankly, I have a new found respect for Spice.

This is where I moved to the kitchen window and didn’t realize that I was shooting through a window screen. But I though you deserved to see how this ended, albeit it’s now in a fuzzy form. Look at those teeth. I guess neither dog pulls any punches.

In the end, it ended with puppy kisses. Aww. And then a leaf fell in the distance and Lola jumped off to go bark at it.

The end.


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