In the blink of any eye

May 26, 2008 at 6:51 pm (Dog Update)

On Friday, I made a rotisserie chicken with a garlic and mint paste/marinade. I used use the leftovers for a soup, but I didn’t want to give the dogs too much of the icky parts or skin because of all the garlic I used. Consequently, there weren’t much scraps. I had maybe a couple of ounces for each dog.

Put to bowls down. Finally, all of Lola’s plantive crying paid off. (In this respect, Lola and Spice are totally like the guinea pigs – Lola does all the frantic vocalizing while Spice plays it cool knowing eventually we’ll crack and then she’ll get something, all without the work.)

Mmm…chickeny goodness. And how does Spice like her’s?

She seems to be enjoying it. Lots less snuffing going on over here. I’ll zoom out for another shot…

Ahh, there we go. Spice is savoring her chicken. And how’s Lola doing? Pivot camera and….

IT’S GONE!! Holy crap! In the time it took to pivot and take two pictures, Lola has polished off her food! Amazing. I think she’s getting faster.


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