Weekend Review

May 27, 2008 at 10:06 pm (Movie Reviews, recipe review)

This weekend alone, I’ve managed to gain like 3.5 pounds!  And this might account for at least 2 of those pounds.

I got the recipe from this site and I appreciated all the user comments.  They truly were excellent.  Yes, I made cinnamon rolls from scratch – meaning my bread machine made the dough and then I rolled it out.  It’s progress for me, people.

Anyway, a few comments about these buns should you choose to try it for yourself (and the site has instructions for non-machine dough making).  First and foremost, they are really, really gooey.  When I first served them, they just slumped on the plate in a puddle of goodness.  Tom commented that they were too gooey and sweet (I disagreed, but then again, I welcome a good sugar coma every once in a while).  BUT!  The great thing was that these improved and firmed up the next day!  Most of the time, cinnamon buns become buns of brick the next day, but these were a pleasant firmness, and I just nuked for 15 seconds for a little warmth.

So, my suggestion is to go ahead and make the dough, roll and cut it out, and then go ahead and bake the night before serving.  Then, the next day you can ice them right before serving and as a bonus, your icing will look prettier after being applied to a cooler bun.  As for the icing, I used cream cheese icing because if you’re going to end up in a coma, might as well make it worth it.

Next suggestion – several of the viewers said that the recipe didn’t have enough filling and to 1.5 that amount.  I found 1.5 to be an adequate amount.  However, I found the application rather tricky.  I used softened butter and then creamed the sugar and cinnamon in, but it wasn’t pasty enough for me to easily spread about.  I think I would try to either use softer butter, or nuke the sugar/butter mixture until the point I could apply it thickly with a basting brush, that way I could get the edges better.

I will definitely make these again, but not until I have successfully waged war against my muffin top.  Down, damn you!!

It was also a movie watching weekend.  On Saturday, we watched Lions for Lambs.  This is a movie that you will either like or dislike with no middle ground.  I liked it, Tom did not.  But this is my blog, so you get to read my opinion.

The movie was directed/starred in by Robert Redford, a personal favorite, and Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise.  It’s a talking movie – meaning there are roughly 3 plot lines and they consist of people having deep conversations.  I found the movie interesting and thought provoking (but not too deep or anything).  It looks at the role of politics, media and higher education in relation to the recent wars.  You’ll either love it or hate it.

We also saw Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, with a whole slew of good actors.  It was a good movie and I liked the way the plot jumped back and forth in time and focused on the different perspectives of the main characters.  Also, it stars Marisa Tomie and she spends quite a bit of time topless.  In fact, the movie opens with her nekkid!!  Bonus for the guys, but damn, I can only hope to improve and look that good when I’m pushing 40!

Also saw Indy, but I won’t go into that.  It is what it is – if you liked the Indy movies and want a movie in the same vein, it doesn’t disappoint.  If you are a younger person *ahem* with some sort of unrealistic Indy expectation or want it radically updated to fit today’s action movie standards, you may be disappointed.  But I liked it.  And it wasn’t too long –  a big pet peeve I have with lots of action flicks.

Check back on Thursday for a very special post!


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