This is getting old….

May 28, 2008 at 9:05 pm (Dog Photo Story, Dog Update)

I’m getting really tired of seeing this when I come up the stairs.

No respect! None, what so ever! I may be pack leader, but when it comes to staking out the good napping spots, I apparently have no say in the matter. She doesn’t even wait for the car to pull out of the garage before she’s on the chair.

She acts like she owns the place.

Sure, I could probably give Spice a good beating and she’d learn her lesson, but how is it fair that I do that for the dog that will actually OBEY, and yet the other one, the one that constantly says “F-You” to every command I ask her to obey, well, she just gets to do whatever she wants and get on whatever she wants?? It’s not. So I think I’ll take the advice and remove the soft cushion on the back to protect it for as long as possible. I’ll just take it our and de-fur it for company.

But, as if sleeping on the living room couch wasn’t heartbreaking enough, how am I going to stop this?!?

Yes, that is Spice sleeping on the leather chair in the office where she is supossed to be sleeping on the nice fluffy dog cushion. I can’t patrol this! I put them in this room to sleep for the night and she starts the night on the floor, on the cushion, with Lola but within minutes she’s on this chair. At first she would hear me coming downstairs and jump off, the only evidence of being the rocking motion of the chair and some stray fur. But now, now she waits until I open the door and then she leisurely stretches ON THE CHAIR before hopping off.

Damn, this dog has got it good. And near as I can tell, she doesn’t share this chair with Lola. I think maybe in all her Chub-ness, she’s outgrown her small dog bed and likes the contors of the chairs. Something that she can really lean against, yet is soft and cozy. But they don’t make many soft dog beds with arms/sides for 50 pound dogs. They do make them of course, but they are really espensive. Then again, so are my chairs.

Sigh. What are you going to do? Maybe I’ll be like Nonno and put down blankets on all the furniture the dogs like.

*NOTE* – I know I said there would be a special post on Thursday, but I don’t have it done yet.  It will be up Thursday night, so check back in for some interesting stuff.


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