June 12, 2008 at 5:05 pm (My Daily Life) ()

Do you like the swirly color pattern in our yard?

For anyone who wanted a visual example about the greening powers of Weed and Feed, here it is.  The dark green grass has been feed and is happy…the lighter green grass is huungggrryyy and angry that it missed dinner by about 24 inches.

Tom got a fertilizer/seed spreader for the lawn mower, courtesy of Craig’s List, and several weeks ago he loaded it up with Weed and Feed and went to town.  Well, almost, as you can see.  I was watching the grass green up and grow tall as the weather finally warmed and pondered the interesting pattern that was developing in the back yard.  It dawned on Tom that he must have missed a few spots when putting down the fertilizer.

I guess the only way to remedy this situation is to get some more weed and feed and hand apply it to the hungry areas.  And in case you were curious, before it was mowed the only live dandelions in the yard were growing in the hungry path.


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