Lola’s Trip to the Vet

June 13, 2008 at 8:54 pm (Dog Update)

I took Lola to the vet this afternoon.  Since Monday, she’s been licking parts of her body incessantly and it was driving me nuts.  All the time, lick, lick, lick.  And while she loves to lick the couch, she’s never been a dog that licks herself very much.  So I thought something might be up, and today when it hadn’t cleared up on its own and was getting red and inflamed looking, I made an appointment.

The vet and I ran down a whole list of possible causes.  I was worried it might be a bug or tick reaction, but she’s licking her left thigh and right forearm so it’s not a bite.  I haven’t bathed her or changed detergents, it’s been a while since we fertilized and we kept her off the grass, we’ve been here long enough for allergens to have bloomed, and we haven’t gone anywhere unusual.  Her behavior isn’t off, and Spice isn’t affected.  So the vet was at a loss, but there are symptoms to treat so we started with that.

The vet gave her a long acting penicillin shot and a steroid shot.  She said that if the licking didn’t stop or decrease tonight, I should come back for a cone tomorrow.  Thankfully, she’s licking less.  I do not think Lola would be pleased to wear a cone.  She acts frightened of the food bowl as is, I can’t imagine the dance she would do if she was wearing a cone.

As for Lola’s behavior at the vet, well, it was interesting to say the least.  First of all, you all know that Lola doesn’t like to be flipped on her back, and this was an incredible indignity to be flipped in front of a stranger.  The vet had to call in a helper as I held her against my chest, legs out, while the vet took the affected leg and the helper held the other leg.  Lola was very vocal – I heard lots of new noises.  She was getting pissed and letting everyone know, even the vet commented that she was a “talker”.  Right, you don’t want to know what she’s saying.  The vet complimented me on her weight, which isn’t my doing since Lola refuses to eat more.  But she thought it was a funny and true comparison when I called her my little market lamb.  She raised sheep as a child, so she got the reference.  And now I like her even more.

And lastly, the shot hurt.  It was the first time I’d heard Lola express real pain.  Way more painful than the microchip experience.  The penicillin, if you remember, goes in the butt just like the sheep and it stings.  And there was a lot of it.  Lola yelped, like “Dude! Hurts” but when she realized it was still coming, she got really upset.  She tried to bit the hand that was administering the pain, which was funny because have you seen her teeth?  They’re about 1/2 centimeter long.  But she survived and left the office with her arms wrapped around my forearm like a little monkey.  A vocal, pissed off, stressed out, itchy little monkey.

My course of treatment is to dab the area with hydrogen peroxide several times a day, which will begin tomorrow when I get some H2O2, and the trauma has subsided.  When she came home, all she wanted to do was lick the area that had been poked, prodded, sheared, and dabbed, so I had to bait and switch her with a pigs ear.  Always good to have those around.

Otherwise, she’s happy as a little barky clam.  No need to send the care packages or light candles, she’s much better already.  I’ll keep you posted.


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