I know you’ll be relieved to read this…

June 21, 2008 at 2:31 pm (Uncategorized)

I googled my bug bite last night because it was itching.  And it was so big and swollen that it was creating an extra ankle bump on my leg.  I love google.  I just wanted to know at what point I should be concerned about something that doesn’t look too bad, just itches and is swollen.

Turns out, I think I was bitten by a black fly.  You know, like the same kinds of black flies that bite horses?  The picture looked like my bite and it said that the females have sharp biting mouths that hurt (yep) and it can cause localized swelling, be hot to the touch, and itch.  A lot.  Yep, yep and yep.  I’ve never been bitten by a black fly before, but yowza! 

I applied some Neosporin last night which had a topical pain reliever and took two advil and that helped greatly.  It was much less red and not swollen or hot this morning.  Still itches like a some-of-a-beyotch, but I’m not scratching.

And since Chaps is officially out of his cooler blanket, I’m going to ask his owner if he has any fly spray, otherwise I’ll buy some.  I feel so badly for any horsies getting attacked by these flies.  Death to flies!!

In other news, I was supposed to get my hair done today but when I showed up, turns out my stylist has left.  Did I want the brassy blond in the back to do me.  Uh…HELL NO!  Sheri has gone to Fantastic Sam’s, I believe.  And while I would never knowingly walk into a FS and ask for a dye job, if Sheri is there, I’ll become a FS customer.  Never thought I would say that. 

And it is beautiful today, warm with a breeze.  But Lola is confined indoors because she won’t stop barking.  It’s bad, bad, I tell you.  What is her problem?  I did spend some time playing tug of war with her and she enjoyed that, especially since Spice wasn’t around wielding the Paw o’ Death.


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