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June 25, 2008 at 6:02 pm (Dog Update)

It’s come to my attention that in addition to the sporadic postings recently, they’ve all been rather heavy on the typing and light on the Lola.  And we know that Andrea doesn’t do well without regular Lola updates.  So I give to you….Lola.  Licking.

Doesn’t her bed look comfy thought?  It’s all lumpy and seems just right for snuggling small dogs.  And of course, it’s just not hers until she’s licked a big ol’ wet spot. But at least she’s no longer licking herself raw.  That seems to have cleared up and we’ve had no further problems.

And today I’ve discovered that my hair does not like the humidity.  It has become increasingly difficult to tame into any semblance of submission, and I have so much product in right now you would think the sheer weight on the follicles would keep it smooth.  But no such luck.  And after conferring with Andrea and my WorkPlace acquaintance in South Carolina, I’m convinced that the only way to keep the frizz at bay is to stay indoors with the air conditioning on.  As that isn’t an option, I will be experimenting with curly hair.  I don’t think it’s the most attractive look on me and I never achieve consistent curls, but it’s got to be better than the triangle fro I’m working today.

And to combine the original purpose of this post (dogs, in case you forgot already) and that hair related tangent above – I’ve been spending an hour a day brushing Spice out with the Furminator.  She’s been looking really shaggy and seems to be unbearably hot, and Tom refuses to let me shear her down to a cool summer cut.  What?  You don’t think she’s look cute in a Poodle clip?

I’ve spent three hours on her already and still have part of her belly to do and most of her pants.  She’s such a good girl, and I’m very gentle with the Furminator.  The brush is very similar to a sheep card and sadly, I find it kind of relaxing.  Except for all the dust and fur that ends up attached to me.  That part is kinda gross.  Anyway, we’ve been doing this on the deck and I leave Lola indoors because otherwise she barks and growls at every molecule and that in turn distracts Spice and makes brushing into an “ordeal”.  The only thing is, Lola hates that she’s indoors while I’m lavishing love and attention on Spice.  So she sits on the other side of the screen and talks to us.  Vocalization to the max.  Letting us know how she really feels.

Except for last night when she realized she could eat as much dog food, as slowly as she wanted, without any disruptions.  She seized that opportunity!


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