Oh my heck…

July 2, 2008 at 2:53 pm (My Daily Life) (, )

This is Dara Torres.  She’s 41 years old and the mother of a two year old.

She is featured in this New York Magazine article.  If she makes the swim team, and there’s little reason to doubt it, this will be her fifth Olympics and make her the oldest female swimmer in Olympic history.  She already has 9 Olympic medals to her name.  And she looks like this.

I’m not making a statement about beauty because to me, this isn’t attractive in a physical sense.  But I greatly admire the amount of work it took to get into this shape, the dedication to maintain this shape, and the fact that it was all done at 41 years old.  When I look at skinny women I want to feed them a cookie, but with Dara I wouldn’t even offer a cookie – it would be like offering Monet a different color paint.  Dara looks like a piece of art, something that can be appreciated and commended for all the skill that went into creating it.

The article is interesting if you have time to read it – it talks about her workouts, how they’ve changed, and what she does out of the water to be as good as she is.  And, as always, a body this impressive has an entourage behind it; a head coach, a strength coach, two stretchers, and a nanny.

I’m impressed.  Me and my 1-pack abs are definitely impressed.


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