I’m so not cool

July 8, 2008 at 1:44 pm (My Daily Life, Uncategorized) ()

For all my web surfing, I don’t watch videos, I’m never on You Tube, I don’t My Space or Face Book. I read boring blogs about married people and news and gossip sites. So the fact that I have a You Tube video on today’s posting says something. Want to know what is says?

That this video was so popular, generating over 4.5 million hits, it warranted a news story by the New York Times, found here.  That’s how I came to be aware of it and now I’m co-opting it to make myself look cooler.  Which totally won’t work because now that it’s achieved this kind of exposure and become the source of one of the day’s most read articles on NYT’s website, it’s doomed to become the next last great thing.  So over, in other words.

The article is interesting and explains why this is such a phenomena in an academic sense (it is, after all, the NYT). But the video is cute and made me smile. My only problem was all the stopping and starting of the video stream – maybe it has something to do with a billion other NYT readers concurrently watching it.  Again, by tomorrow, yesterday’s news.

The video does have a “watch in high quality” version which you can access using the link here.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much that boosted the quality.  What will those smart You Tubers think of next?


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