New Patio Furniture – Just for Lola

July 10, 2008 at 6:24 pm (My Daily Life)

So you’ve all heard about how the dogs know how to open the screen doors by themselves, either buy using a gap or sticking their head/snout through the ripped corner and pulling it open.  It’s become a moderate problem around the Brokaw Home and last weekend we were contemplating whether to bite the bullet and purchase a doggie door.

I decided that if I was going to spend any money, I don’t want no stinkin’ doggie door, I want patio furniture.  So we bought this.

It’s a sectional by Lazy Boy, from Sam’s Club, marked down half price.  Aluminum frame, comfy cushions, five seating sections with a rectangular coffee table with glass top.  I like it, it’s comfy and has lots of arrangement options.

Lola likes it too.  I come out here in the morning and do some Work on my laptop and Lola usually comes with me.  Actually, she comes with me then decides she wants her rawhide so she lets herself back in, finds a bone, and comes back out.  Spice usually finds a cool comfy spot around the side of the house to chill.  I think she likes the time away from Lola after spending the night with her.  If it’s a good day, like today, Lola sits quietly (or mostly so) with me.  Other days aren’t so good.  In the “my ears are bleeding” sense.

This particular beautiful, if slightly warm and muggy morning, gave way to a terrible noon-time storm.  The sky turned black and we had 60 mph winds and the radar was showing potential conditions for a tornado.  Several cushions blew off the deck and the winds collapsed the canopy covering the furniture.  It was very scary.  I don’t have a good AM radio and the winds were knocking the satellite signal out so I didn’t know how much worse it was going to get.  Because I was wearing capris with no pockets, I stuffed my chap stick in one bra cup and my cell phone in the other cup, grabbed a very nervous Lola, and paced around waiting to dive into the basement.  Yeah, I’m not sure what my reasoning was with the chap stick.  Spice spent the time chewing a bone.  Too cool for school, is she.

Anyway, we all survived.  The canopy may be toast but the furniture is fine.  And it does dry very quickly.  It was good the weather cleared because I needed to throw the dogs outside while I made phone calls.  If left inside, they will bark.  If I throw them out, they want back in.

I invite any and all of you to come visit.  We’ll sit outside on my comfy new furniture under my jury-rigged canopy and play with the dogs.  All are welcome!!


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