Let’s go shopping!!

July 15, 2008 at 8:20 pm (My Daily Life) (, )

Tom needed new sandals, and as you can imagine, he was…reluctant…to say the least.

When we first got here, he bought a cheap pair of black rubber flip flops from Walmart to wear out to the spa. These rubber atrocities were likely made by impoverished children in a third world country, and hideous does not begin to describe their ill-fitting-ness. But, since he said he was only going to wear them from the spa to the bathroom, I didn’t complain. And they were $5.

Then it got warm and he started wearing them more. I put down my foot and told him that he could NOT wear these shoes out in public. Yet somehow, he would slip them on for a quick errand and there he was in Home Depot wearing the flip flops that committed crimes against humanity.

Finally, I had enough. Sunday, armed with my credit card and laptop, I went shopping. Behold, the fruits of my labor:

Yes, that’s six pairs of shoes, each in two sizes.

Two pairs of Merrells, two pair of Columbia’s, one North Face and one Keen. I shopped at Zappos to take advantage of the free returns, and since I ordered nearly a thousand dollars worth of shoes, they upgraded me to free priority shipping. I love you, Zappos.

And I loved the user reviews. Tom has a wider foot but they don’t make sandals in wide, so I relied on the reviews that mentioned the shoe was adjustable. And thankfully, I picked up a few that have a back strap that converts the shoe from a sandal to a slide which, as it turns out, Tom really liked.

Tom tried on the Merrell in the back row far left first, but it was too narrow. Then he tried on the Columbia in the back row, far right, but it pinched. Then he tried on the Merrell in the center of the back row and said “That’s it, that’s the one.” I made him try on the rest just to be sure, but he liked that the Merrell was adjustable over the toes and the instep, and was a convertible.

Here is the winner:

I’m happy now. It’s a good sandal to wear with shorts, sporty and I know it will be comfortable. Tom of course FREAKED out that I ordered so many shoes, but really, this satisfied my desire to shop and satisfied his desire to NOT shop. And in the end, the day after the hideous Walmart flip flops died a tragic, destructive death from over wear in the garage, Tom thanked me for getting him some new shoes. Go me!


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  1. turinia said,

    I didn’t realize Zappos sold accessories! How is Lola in every picture you take, either purposefully or as background?

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