Unveiling of the Chevelle

August 1, 2008 at 1:56 pm (My Daily Life) (, , )

I know!  It’s been a long time coming but finally I have pictures of Tom’s Chevelle. And not just ho-hum pictures, pictures I spent time Photoshopping so Tom could use them for signage.  Tom took the shots and I edited them.

Here is his beauty, a 1971 Chevelle.

It may appear a little sharp – I sharpened it quite a bit since that was the recommendation for auto that is going to traditional print.  Doesn’t it look pretty?  Tom got a new paint job, and a new hood, one with a cowl, and fresh racing stripes.  I think it looks great, but Tom, with his extremely discerning eye, still sees a few flaws.  But he’s buffed and waxed this thing to within an inch of it’s life, so it really does shine.

From the back doesn’t it look beefy?

We left the WA state plate on it, and sometimes people come up at car shows and ask if we brought it all the way out here just for their little local show.  I think it scares them that they might be competing with someone crazy enough to do that!

Here is his pride, the engine.  I won’t even attempt to tell you anything about it, but if you’re interested, Tom will more than share.  More than share.

Again with the super sharp-ness.  Wonder if it has to do with the fact these are 300 dpi, not my normal Web size photos?  Anyway, pretty, no?  He took that silver stuff, it comes in a tube, and encased all the black tubing to give it extra pizazz.  Or whatever the male version of pizazz is.

Someone else did the seats.  He got a good deal on those, but Tom installed the new door panels and carpeting himself.  My contribution was taping over all the dashboard and window stuff that didn’t get painted.  I suspect it was because I have small fingers and those are tight places.

Isn’t the steering wheel cool?  He picked that up in Seattle.  And he got a new radio and then put together an ipod list of good driving songs, so it’s a lot of fun to go cruising.

He’s done an excellent job on the car and has kept it vintage and in perspective.  Last week he won second place in his class and got a plaque.  This weekend there are two more shows.  It keeps him busy, but he’s meeting some cool people and it’s fun.

Hope you enjoy and if you think about it, drop Tom an email and tell him how pretty his car looks.  Pretty, ok?


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