Spawn of the Devil

August 4, 2008 at 4:20 pm (Dog Update) (, )

Well, Lola got groomed on Friday.  Here she is:

Ok, not quite.  But she’s really short.  I took a couple of before pictures in the morning.  Look how cute they are together.  Not sure how Spice could stand the smell of Lola, but whatev.

Awww…so cute.  But it was 10 a.m. and time for their morning nap.

Lord forbid I get between them and a nap.

So anyway, I took Lola to the groomer, the same place I went before but this time there was a different groomer.  She warned me she would have to go very, very short – where the mat began about 1/4 of an inch from her skin.  Apparently, she was one entire mat.  Now, I don’t know what Diane used to do, but I would routinely bring Lola to her in this kind of fur and Diane would deliver a dog with fur still on her.  I was a bit peeved that this girl didn’t seem to want to try to leave fur on but I know this is the standard response from EVERY groomer.  I left feeling like the time has finally come for me to learn how to trim Lola myself.  Maybe it will be easier this time – she’s been to the groomer enough that she’s well behaved and if she’s shorn to skin, at least I should have a fresh canvas to start from.  Now I just need to turn to my favorite resource, Google, and figure out how to trim a poodle.

I came back two hours later and peered through the window – the gal mouthed that she needed 10 more minutes.  So I waited and came back.  She met me outside and the gal was trying not to cry!  Lola was in one piece (or so I thought) and didn’t seem traumatized, so what gives?

The damn Licky-Dog licked when she shouldn’t have licked.  The gal was terribly apologetic and I suspect she was rushing because she was backed up, but the result was that Lola licked when she was clipping near her face and she nicked Lola’s tongue.

Of course, it’s like 90 degrees outside and combined with the activity of grooming, Lola’s panting like crazy and salivating like mad which is making her tongue bleed like a son of a bitch.  And I’m wearing a cute skirt.  But I pulled it together and told the girl it was going to be fine, told her how tough Lola was, and not to worry.  I mean, I know how Lola is so licky, I can easily see how that could happen.  And Lola is tough.  Aside from all the blood, she was fine.  She wasn’t even scrambling for me.

So I toss Lola in the Pathfinder and tell her to stay the hell on her side.  I mean, she’s still living, no need to get blood on my skirt.  Then I put every air vent on her to get her to cool down and stop panting/bleeding, and I race off to the vet as it’s almost 5 p.m. on a Friday.

My first thought was “there is no way I’m going to get Lola to gargle with warm salt water” followed by “how do I hold her tongue still while I sprinkle Wound Powder on it?”.  Time to seek medical attention.  When I got to the office, the Vet Nurse looked at it, made the same gross face I did, and said we’d have to ask the vet.

Since the vet’s office is less than 4 blocks from home, I called Tom and he came to wait with us, which was really great because my arm was tired of holding the ugly mutt.  But the vet was really nice and took a look and said that she recommended leaving it alone!!  Which was what we wanted to hear because stitching was going to be expensive and I would imagine uncomfortable for the dog.  The vet said that she’s seen cows who’ve cut their tongue and it actually heals and grows back together.  She said that Lola wouldn’t be impaired eating or drinking or doing any of her routine stuff, it wouldn’t get infected, and eventually her forked tongue would grow back together.  And in the time it took to see her, the bleeding had slowed greatly, so I was happy.

It’s only fitting that Lola is now marked by the Devil, complete with a forked tounge to go with her black skin, don’t you think?

Come on, that’s still kinda gross, don’t you think?  And I’m having a really tough time because the rest of the dog is so ugly at the moment.

She has no eyebrows!  Lola completely loses her essence when she doesn’t have eyebrows to express herself with.  But the flip side is she’s much, much cooler without any fur on.  I did ask Tom if it was too warm to put one of her cute sweaters on just so I don’t have to look at this hot mess.  He said yes.  See, he does look out for her.

Friday was not the day I expected, and I have to say, a trip to the groomer followed by a trip to the vet wasn’t exactly in Lola’s plans either.  But she’s one tough cookie.  Now if she’d just keep her mouth closed so I wouldn’t get so skeeved out.  Thanks.


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