Weekend Car Show Results

August 6, 2008 at 7:49 pm (Chevelle) ()

Tom attended two shows this weekend and won in both shows!!

Ok, I made the comment that this looks like a mug shot.  I know that.  Also, I think I need to make him sit when I take pictures so I’m not shooting up – I think that might help with the shadows.  And not using the flash in front of a mirror.  So many things wrong, but I have a feeling we’ll have the opportunity to take more trophy pictures in the future.

The larger one on the right was for coming in 5th out of about 130.  It was a show sponsored by AutoZone, and there were plenty of nice cars there.  The plaque was for an Outstanding in his class at the show on Sunday.  That show was sponsored by a local car club and held in this really beautiful park.  He was able to snag a spot under a tree, and had it not been overcast, that would have been a lifesaver.  It was a more difficult show but he was beaten by a car that shouldn’t have been in his class.

Not surprisingly, car shows are rife with politics and the good-ole-boys mentality.  On Sunday, he was in a class for cars with three or more modifications – not stock in other words.  The car that won the class was a great car, a 1974 something that had 15K miles and still owned by the original owner.  However, it was nearly stock – it only had two very small modifications.  But, not surprisingly, the owner was friendly with the car club and was placed in this class where he could easily win as opposed to the stock class where the competition was much stiffer.  Losing is always a bummer, especially wen you know there were politics at play, but Tom has a great attitude.  He figures if he does this long enough and meets enough people, he’ll become one of the good-ole-boys himself.

We both agreed that his new display is what pushed him to 5th place on Saturday.

We created a really cool sign using the pictures I posted last week and then on the table is a reproduction sales flyer from 1971, a brochure from the same time, and a candy dish made out of an air filter.  Tom got a small portable DVD player and is going to set that on the air filter in the engine compartment and play a couple of Chevelle DVD’s.  There is a tv series called American Muscle Car and he got the episode about the Chevelle and it’s pretty interesting.  I would definitely stop and watch.  We’ve noticed that all the women stop and read everything and I commented that it’s because looking at shiny engines doesn’t hold our attention very long so we appreciate anything else to do while still car related.

And lastly, a picture of a really pretty Thunderbird for my father-in-law.


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