Slipcover Decision and Olympic Update

August 11, 2008 at 5:47 pm (My Daily Life)

Thank you to everyone who offered an opinion about which slipcovers I should get.  I evaluated all the opinions and in the end, decided on these:

With this chair cover:

Yeah, I know…two options that you didn’t even see!  But after more thought, I decided that the chair is in good enough condition to withstand a stretch fabric, which meant I could go with the patterned loveseat, of which I have a swatch and am happy with.  Additionally, these two fabrics will look nice together, both are of a similar level of casualness.  Thanks!

Now, for a few brief thoughts about the opening weekend of the Olympics.  Of course I stayed home, glued to the opening ceremonies while Tom when to yet another car show.  He arrived home about the half-way point of the artistic portion.  I had very, very high expectations for the ceremonies.  This is a country that is used to forcing their citizens to participate in things and this is a country full of citizens who aren’t going to complain about the endless hours needed to practice, or their dehydration or fatigue.  And China has so much history – I was sure it wouldn’t be a cheesy re-enactment of the covered wagons making their way to Utah a mere 200 years ago.

While I don’t particularly care for NBC carrying everything on a tape delay, I really appreciated the China Analyst because without him, I wouldn’t have understood the deep symbolic meaning behind many of the numbers or the cultural significance of certain things.  His explanations were fascinating and really helped tell the story.

And I was not disappointed.  I think I can fairly say it was the most spectacular live-event I’ve ever seen, and quite possibly ever will see.  From the moment it opened with 2008 drummers, to the number depicting China’s maritime history, to all the glowing dudes standing on each others shoulders to form a replica of the Bird’s Nest, I was blown away.  If I had to choose a favorite number, I would have to say the one with all the moving blocks that represented the Great Wall, and how it was revealed at the end that there were people under there.  Oh, just thinking about all the numbers is impressive.  Loved every minute of it.

Also, I was very impressed with the costumes but specifically the dresses the ladies wore as they carried the signage preceding each country.  The red ball-gown type dress?  I thought those were just beautiful.  And the dresses the Medal Gals wear during the Medal Ceremonies, the white ones, are also very beautiful.

I have watched some of the games and the men’s relay last night was impressive.  The man who was killed on Saturday, Mr. Bachman, is from the closest town to us, Lakeville, an we pass his nursery all the time.  At the car show on Saturday night, many people were talking about him.  I guess he was well know.  Very sad to hear about that.

I doubt the closing ceremonies will top the opening, but I thought it was just fantastic.  I wish I had kids because I know if I had seen this 10 years ago, the memories would still be with me today.  I will judge every opening ceremony against this one.


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