Olympic Commercials

August 17, 2008 at 9:46 pm (Uncategorized)

My hope was that we would see some creative, interesting, and amusing commercials during the Olympics.  Commercials that might move me or ring an emotional note.  So far I’ve been extremely disappointed – there have been very few interesting commercials and one of the best is a Superbowl repeat!

The Visa commercials are ok.  At first I didn’t like the stylized gold tones but it’s grown on me.  I really appreciated that right after Michael Phelps tied/surpassed Mark Spitz’s record win, they played a special commercial just for him.  And I love the one of Nastia Luiken – she looks like a figurine; something designed but in reality she actually can contort her body like that.  And I bet the Visa people were relieved that nothing tragic happened to Morgan Freeman because they would have had to quickly re-voice the commercials.

I love love love the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial, but I loved it when it first debuted at the Superbowl!  Why didn’t Bud create something new and special for the Olympics?  Does the Olympics not reach just as many people, especially as often as they replay the commercial?

Now, one that I just despise – have you seen this new one with a studly guy ironing a dress while making dinner reservations for his six month anniversary?  And then it’s a CAR COMMERCIAL!  When I first saw this, I knew is had to be a play of some sort on female fantasy, but the fact that they went with an automobile just totally lost me.  It should have been something more amusing or female centric.  A fantasy commercial with a studly guy is not going to get me interested in the car.  I’m more likely to remember the cute little VW commercials with the talking Bug.  And then when the commercial cuts to the the guy on his knees scrubbing the toilet, I was like, yeah, I get it, total fantasy, let’s just move on.

They keep playing the Home Depot spot about how they support the Olympians and I really like the music but I just keep thinking “how, exactly to they support the athletes?”  Do they give them flexible time, pay them more for public apperances, or what?  I have a hard time taking a big company’s word that they do good – I want to see proof.

Overall, I’ve been very disappointed.

Just a reminder for those interested – the Dressage Freestyle finals are on Tuesday.  I think they will be on from 5-7 (CST) on Oxygen (check your local listings).  This is my favorite event – it’s where the horses do a dressage routine set to music, so everything is on beat and in sync.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s like a dance and you’ll see the horses do stuff that looks incredibly easy, like flying lead changes with every stride, when in reality that’s impossible.  Impossible for mere mortals.  Can’t even describe how difficult.  To put it in perspective, most horses have a really difficult time doing ONE flying lead change as they are heading into a corner (which helps them shift their balance).  These horses change leads on every stride on a straight line.  It looks like they’re skipping.  Awesome.


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