How windy is it??

September 9, 2008 at 5:33 pm (Dog Update)

I know, you’ve heard me complain about the wind, but seriously, it’s windy a lot out here. We had Wind Storms in Washington and those were events, something that didn’t occur on a regular basis, and they were strong and people avoided going out in them. Here the wind is so pervasive that while not at the same strength, it gets tiring. They tell me this has something to do with being in the upper plains and not having anything, like mountains, to break the wind up.

Here is a picture (poor) of me and Tom on the front porch.

Notice anything?

Those ears! It’s a good thing I was holding on to her.

On other non-related notes – do you remember me posting once before how annoying Tom can get during commercial breaks and how he uses that time to annoy/lavish attention on the dogs? And how sometimes even the dogs find him annoying? Well, it happened again last night.

We were watching the Packers/Vikings game and Tom was in a mood. One by one, he started alienating every one of us. First Spice, since she’s always his first target. It says something when you chase that dog to the other side of the room and she won’t come over for you anymore, because she’s the sweetest dog in the world. She always comes for you, but last night she’d had enough and was in front of the coffee table, well beyond his wingspan, chewing on her bone. Lola was sitting IN my lap, not beside it, because those extra 4 inches were critical. Finally I got fed up and I took the remote control. I told Tom that if he didn’t start behaving, i.e. stop annoying us, I was going to change the channel to Platinum Weddings.

What did he to? He grabbed my cross stitching bag and started tossing my little baggies of floss on the floor. And I have a lot of baggies in there. One by one, he would wave the baggie around before tossing it on the floor. All while I scrolled through channels trying to find something sufficiently soul sucking. Mature, aren’t we?


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