Test Rides Update

October 1, 2008 at 8:58 pm (My Daily Life)

Just a quick update – I test rode two horses tonight.  Bart, the 5 year old Appendix who is 16.3 hands, and Ike, a 15-something hand quarter horse who is 11.

Bart was a nice horse.  Tom made the comment that I looked more comfortable on him.  He’s young, but calm.  She tied him in the aisle, he stood nicely, and she got the bridle on him, even though he can be prickly about his ears.  Basically, his ground manners are everything that Jones’ aren’t.  He’d be ridden twice today so he was a little tired, but he did everything I asked without fuss.  He has no muscle in his neck, which is something I could work on.  Being so big, he’s got a lot of real estate to move around, but he tried.  No pinning ears, no stopping, no getting cranky. 

Ike was a nice horse also, but he’s older and has more training.  Tana wants to sell him because she bought him for a project and he fulfilled her goals and she wants to move on.  And I get that because he’s about 2 months away from being nice and round and collected.  But she’s done more western with him lately, so he’s a little more lazy.

I liked Bart better.  He’s done more English more recently.  He has a shoeing problem right now.  I noticed it right away and I felt odd about saying something because no one wants to be told their horse is lame.  He’s not lame, but he takes steps with the front and doesn’t always have a sure footfall.  She mentioned that the owner said he was due for shoeing this week, and that makes sense, he’s doing the same sort of trip/falter step that Chaps was doing a couple of weeks ago with his long shoes.

I’m going to talk to Tana tomorrow.  She might have someone interested in buying him, still at the same barn, an I might be able to lease from that person.  We’ll see.  But I like him much better than Jones and think I could work with him and feel confident on him.  I’d like to do a two week trial just to be sure.  I’ll keep you posted.

Here is a UTube video of Bart from last May.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQWSjp2AbKE  He tries to cheat with his headset, he tucks his head instead of reaching for a contact, so I’ll have to figure that one out, but he seems like a nice, willing, calm horse.


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