You want to mess with me???

December 30, 2008 at 9:38 pm (Movie Reviews)

This afternoon, we went to the Starbucks drive-thru.  Since I was sitting in the passenger seat, it was a little difficult, but Tom slowly repeated my order for the barista: a short, decaf, non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte.

We get up to the window and the gal asked if she could repeat my order.  She repeated it correctly, but then she told me that for future reference, I could just order a skinny vanilla.  I explained to her that some places give you a blank look when you order a skinny drink, like at the Starbucks in the Target – to which she replied in a very condescending tone that they weren’t “real Starbucks.”

Ok, coffee snob…and by the way, are you sure this is decaf?  No, you missed that part??  Were you too confused by the non-skinny skinny drink to miss the part that will keep me up all night?  Were you so focused on trying to transcribe my order into your fancy marketing lingo that you forgot to listen and check the little boxes on the side of the cup, you know, the old-skool way? 

Was my drink order too complicated for you?  Are you having trouble keeping up in the little Starbucks in the middle of America? You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in morning Seattle rush.  What if I threw out a short, split, half eggnog, half soy, with whip, extra hot?  Huh?  Can’t handle that?  And yes, that is a real drink.

Don’t get me started – I’m from Seattle.  I can order complicated coffee with the best of them.  I expect the best and the brightest of the Starbucks employees – the ones that not only take the complicated order down correctly the first time, but ask if I want extra nutmeg.  That’s right, Starbucks baristas with independent thinking skillz.  You, giving me the stink-eye for not ordering “properly”….YOU CAN’T HAAANNNDDDLLLEEE THE ORDER….

In other news….Benjamin Button is Boring.  Can I have my three hours back?  80 years is a long time to cover even in three hours, but more importantly, the movie never gave me a compelling reason to connect with the characters or the story.  Just a bunch of pretty people getting prettier as they age.  Blech.  Should have seen the Jim Carrey film.


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Boys and their toys

December 9, 2008 at 3:57 pm (My Daily Life)

Hello all, from cold and snowy Minnesota!

img_2971We got our first real snow last night.  We’ve gotten a few dustings here and there and a few inches were already on the ground, but last night 5 inches was predicted.  Tom came home and put together his snow-blower.  He’s been looking forward to using his snow-blower since we purchased it last March.  We had the snow-blower before we had the keys to the house!

img_2967Petty cool, huh?  He can lower and raise the scraper parts, and he can turn some apparatus to change the direction the snow blows.  He was able to get the driveway cleared before the new snow started falling.

This morning, we had 5 new inches of snow, which officially made the back yard a Lola-Unfriendly-Zone.  Poor dog – I’m not sure she was touching the actual ground.  The snow was up to Spice’s belly, but she has the height to bound through the snow.  Lola goes only as far as she needs to, does her business, and hightails it back to her doghouse to wait for someone to let her inside.  So Tom had a brilliant idea – he would blow a few paths through the grass so the dogs could get around better!

img_2968Note the apparel change – Tom realized he needed some winter clothes, so he’s now the proud owner of a pair of snow pants, a lined flannel shirt, a face-hat, puffy gloves and snow boots.  Isn’t he cute?  And look!  Grass!!

img_29731Um, Hon?  Um, Sweetie??  Did you mean to blow the entire back yard???  And what did you say?  You ran out of gas??

OMG – what are the neighbors going to think?  Can you imagine the conversations going on at their dinner tables tonight?  “Hey, did you see the neighbors yard?  That fool from Seattle shoveled his whole back yard!”

What can I say?  Tom really enjoyed snow-blowing; it looked like the most outdoor fun he’s had in a long time.  The snow-blower is a great toy, and Lola isn’t complaining – she can move about much better now!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!


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