The Dark Seal

August 17, 2009 at 9:16 pm (My Daily Life)

Last week we traded the Pathfinder in and bought this:


The picture might be a little small, but that’s a dark green 2006 BMW X3. 

We were looking at something that was a little bigger than a sedan and would handle well in the snow.  We’d narrowed the choice down to the Subaru Forrester, which I do really like, and this.  My only comment was that they apparantly designed the Subaru cockpit for a small woman because everything fit ME so well.  I didn’t think it would fit Tom as well.  But I have never sat in such a narrow car seat before.

As it turns out, this 2006 BMW and the 2010 Forrester (the one with the new and improved handling) were the excact same amount.  Except that the BMW had already lost that 40% depreciation you get when driving off the lot in a new car.  When we looked at the ’08 Forresters, they had lost almost half their value and aren’t half the car this is.

I have to say, after a driving for nearly a week and finally figuring out how to get the seat high enough, the BMW is a very, very nice car.  The nicest I’ve driven.  Loaded with features, as you would expect.  The windshield, combined with the side mirrors, feels like you can see forever!  Huge, huge sunroof.  The best part are all the safety features – the car is meant to drive well in snow, rain, and on dry streets – and will blow up like a balloon with all the airbags should something happen.  Also, this car is certified pre-owned by BMW – which means they checked it out from top to bottom then slapped a new warranty – up to 100K miles!  It was a lease return, so it only had 30K miles on it.

We were at the point with the Pathfinder that due to the mileage, I would need both a new timing belt and new brakes next month – neither of which are cheap fixes.  We were able to trade it in for exactly the loan balance, so I was happy that we weren’t sinking extra money into it (and it’s out of warranty) and we didn’t lose money on the trade.

Tom, as usual, did an exceptional job with the research and dealing.  I gave him ideas for cars that I thought might work and he did his due diligence, researched alternatives and found us this great deal.  He’s got mad car skillz!  But I got to say, it’s killing him that I drive it to the barn three or more times a week because there appears to be NO way to get to the barn without driving down a dirt road or two.  He would like to keep it in pristine condition, but sadly, it’s going to show some dirt.

I’m auditioning names for the car.  Suggestions?


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